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Friday, September 17, 2010

Lieo Lieng Seng


A century of excellence

First time I visited Lieo Lieng Seng, I almost detoured after I found out her menu has no price on it. Until today, still, none of Lieo's menu has price on it. However, I sat down and became one of Lieo's fans. Why then?

Simply her food (all of them) served are delectable.

If you ask me what is the must-eat dishes. I would tell you that all of them. Yes everything is sinfully delicious!

Normally, I order Taro and fish head hotpot in Thai herbal spicy clear broth (hua
-pla phuak tumyum mor-fai nam sai), the tumyum broth is even better than those in a prominent Thai restaurant. Alternatively I may order Fish maw soup (ka-pok pla nam dang) if I am not into spicy food that night. The broth had been prepared for days yield a rich flavor of aromatic from ingredients, as chicken and dried seafood.

For first time visitor, not to be missed shall be the Deep-fried crab ball (hau-jor boran), Steamed rice roll with pork and crab stuffing (kuay-tiew lord), as well as the Rachawong style stir-fried egg noodle (bamee Rachawong phad haeng). They are prepared from Lieo's 100-year recipes.

For me, the full flavor Baked goose web on egg noodle (peek-han ob bamee Rachawong),and Stir-fried sea bass fillet with Thai celery and chilies (nuea pla-kapong phad khuen-chai) are always delightful. The ultimately crispy yet non-oily Suckling pig (moo hang) shall light up my life (at least that night) when I have at least 3-4 buddies with me on the table.

To round up my dinner, few scoops of Rachawong 555 ice cream are the must. My favorite flavor is, dark chocolate.

Oh, too much to eat too little stomach. Hallelujah!

Lieo Lieng Seng Restaurant 廖兩成 ****
802-804 Rama IV Road
Samyan, Bankok 10500
Tel.: 02.234.5791

Open daily : lunch 11 am - 2:30 pm, dinner 5:30 -11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,200

(left picture, a century-old antique table, since first Lieo Lieng Seng on Rachawong)

* (updated on 20-June-2012, Lieo Lieng Seng now has a canteen-style branch at United Center on Silom Road.)

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Stella said...

This is like a family private kitchen.
You will be surprised and thrilled if you judge them by appearance.
Stay tuned.

in the sea said...

This is a good one!

Thailand Club said...

would be better if the price ease a bit, however, it is still superb at present pricing .. a true no-frill good food joint

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

100 years Chinese restaurant on Rama IV Road, I wanna try!

Anonymous said...

100 years Chinese ice cream place too.


Fillet-O Fish said...

Never thought of a century old Chinese old fashioned restaurant and an ice cream specialty shop can be put together in one roof. TC you are good at gourmet hunting! I give you 5 stars.

in the sea said...

Very interesting to see and find this restaurant!

Anonymous said...

You are right Fish Burger. TC has very good sense and long antenna when it comes to good food hunting, also in good price too.
He is like an ant(can be everywhere).