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Thursday, September 30, 2010

yumcha @ China House


Dive in Chaophraya River

Once-upon-a-time China House offered yumcha lunch with a la carte dimsum served, that was good. Sad, the glory doesn't extend after the Unlimited Dimsum Lunch resumed!

The Unlimited Dimsum Lunch works this way; I am encouraged to order as much dimsum I could digest from an army of 22 dimsum items (that's all-you-can-eat kind), paired with a soup (5 choices), rice or noodles (4 choices), and a dessert (also 4 choices), at a fixed cost of THB 888 net per person.

Quite disappointed that China House abandoned the hiring of a Thai national restaurant host of who received applause from around the world for the way Thais serve customers with human touch and a warm heart. Need not to mention the renowned Thai smile and caring. Importing a host from another ASEAN country doesn't let me feel I am being served better. Instead, the opposite!

The China House (dimsum unlimited) ***1/2
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok
48 Oriental Avenue
Soi 40, Charoenkrung Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.659.9000
China House

Open daily: Unlimited Dimsum Lunch 11:30 am - 2:30pm,
dinner 6 pm - 11:30 pm

Pay (Unlimited Dimsum Lunch for two): THB 1,776 net

(* some pictures on courtesy of J.Ho)


Mickey Mouse said...

Sea, when u discuss with the GM, pls tell Jan how much i don't approve the imported matre d'hotel at China House, while all Thais can do very good service oriented job, why pay more for someone not comparable to a Thai manager

also, i hate that all-u-can-eat dimsum idea, quality drop drop drop since this evil program roll out, the a la carte yumcha in the old days is much much much better, both the dimsum and the service ..

he senses that something "happened" these 2-3 years in the hotel, yes, one problem is, old (experience) staffs r (keep) leaving .. this is very serious problem of MO-BKK

if the hotel cannot keep up the legendary standard, sooner or later it will become just a 5-star hotel, an ordinary MO, no more legendary MO-BKK

good luck MO-BKK!

Stella said...

I do like the all-you-can-eat dim sum though. Something new to me.
Fun to order and eat every page of the dim sum from the menu. And then re-order. Chris and I really like it. I think Mr. Trainer too.
The idea is good.
However, I do agree that the quality of dim sum is only so-so. Not even up to the LA standard, which is a lot lower than HK standard already.
I think MO-BKK still super good even if it drops further. It has to drop many years to fall behind the number one.
Keep up the good work MO-BKK. We love you.

in the sea said...

Correct. Some ASEAN overseas Chinese having some Chinese heritage in their own country would think they know certain Chinese cuisine culture. There are many times I explain to my foreign visitors what dim sum means - "pick it by your heart". So dim sum buffet is in violation of this eating culture harmony. In putting aside the services, MO BKK's hardware is still better than the other 5 star hotels. I need some time to write a more comprehensive comment "essay" back to MO BKK's recent message to me. :)

Stella said...

Wow nice slide show here, even better than the dim sum.