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Saturday, October 02, 2010

yumcha @ Ah Yat Forum


Surf on Chaophraya River

While a legendary hotel's Chinese restaurant on Charoenkrung Road having its dimsum quality dives in the river, on the other side of the same road, a renowned Hong Kong celebrities canteen presents in Bangkok - Ah Yat Abalone Forum Seafood Restaurant, her dimsum quality enjoys flying high.

half Peking duck to start my yumcha feast at Ah Yat

Peking duck meat soup with preserved vegetable

har-gau (dumpling of shrimp wrapped in a thin wheat starch sheet)
(dumpling of shrimp and pork fillings wrapped in a thin wheat flour wrapper)

cheong-fun (rice roll filled with BBQ pork, and rice roll filled with shrimp)
glutinous rice with chicken

all dimsum quality are of highest standard

lo-bak-go (pan-fried daikon radish cakes)
(deep-fried bean curd sheet wrapped in shrimp fillings)

dan-ta, ham-sui-kok and taro puff; Ah Yat almond tea

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Seafood Restaurant 富臨酒家
(weekdays dimsum ****1/2) (weekends dimsum ****)
Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside Hotel
2074 Charoenkrung Road
Bangkholaem, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.291.7781

Open daily : 11:00 am - 2:30pm, 6 pm - 10:30 pm
Pay (yumcha lunch for two): weekdays- around THB 800*, weekends- around THB 1,200
* 50% discount off dimsum items during weekdays, until further notice

friends asked how did Ah Yat Forum look like before the renovation?
left picture, before renovation; right picture, new look as we see today


Stella said...

Yes Ah Yat has good dim sum.
I like the way they can serve half Peking Duck. Next time we shall have the duck meet with congee and black egg.
Also they give discount and free dessert.
The manager knows how to "lum" the customers.

Paranoid Android said...

Hello! You are back... Looks like I need to gp to BKK to be "Lum"ed, and after that "Tiap Sai Tong" during dessert...

Mickey Mouse said...

tiap-sai-tong is exactly Stella look at MO-BKK, everything in the hotel is sweet, even the bathroom ..

Anonymous said...

Ah Yat dim sum looks very delicious!

Stella said...

Yes Ah Yat dim sum is very good, almost the best I have tried in BKK, but expensive.
Yes Paranoid, Ah Yat's manager has good service even not for VIP customers.
Yes Mickey, even the bathroom at MO-BKK is sweet, also the toilet.
Even going toilet here is an enjoyment.

in the sea said...

Forum restaurant did deliver very local Cantonese food in general. A nice restaurant for those who want 99% exact Cantonese style food. TC, I found out something on your photo and you may need to tell the manager next time. It's the lotus leaves wrapping the sticky rice with chicken. It should be this dried leaf for the fried rice steamed in lotus leaves 鮑汁荷葉飯, not the green fresh one I told you the other night that they served us that fried rice. Very important to have the dried lotus leaves for this Ah Yat's renowned fried rice as that's the essential aroma of it, the green one can't do such a job.

Stella, you've got a friend - same tone and same style towards MO, and of course same comments on the bathroom. Well even my sisters said so. :)

Stella said...

1) You are the 3rd one who commented about the "Ho Yip Fan" shall use the dry leaf instead of the fresh leaf. As the dry leaf has some aroma that the fresh one doesn't have. Just like the Lunar May 5th "Chung G" shall be wrapped with dry leaf too.
2) The MO-BKK toilet is really good. The first day I went in I already can go to the toilet relaxingly..... Same thing last year at MO too.
So MO's toilet/rest room is really unique with some solid proof.
P.S. Please note I am not too user friendly to hotel rest rooms and toilets.

Bangkok Gastronomy said...

Excellent Dimsum / Yum Cha reviews! I have yet to find any dimsum that can compete with the ones back in Hong Kong or Singapore, but I will definitely try to check these places out!

Thailand Club said...

@ Android: yes u need a trip tp BKK being "lum"ed by Thais la

@ BG: Ah Yat is the place for true HK flavor dimsum

in the sea said...

Yes, it's the "wood and leaves" aroma from the dried lotus leaves. BTW, those May 5th "Chung G" should be used with another leaf which is called 糭葉. 糭葉needs some exra rinsing before using for wrapping the "糭子"; otherwise, it will be very sticky and yet kind of a "wet" flavour in it. However, still many people forgot this important part because they want fast result.

Good to see the page of Bangkok Gastronomy about buffets and dining in BKK. Very unique!

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for the info.
Yes I always like to smell the Lotus Leaf and the Chung G leaf. The best is after the steaming and the whole house has this pleasant aroma.