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Sunday, October 10, 2010



A touch of Arabic

Following my foodie friend's recommendation, I visited this nice pub cum restaurant, @Rajthevee, in Bangkok's Ratchathewi area. At 7 pm, this Arabian one-thousand-and-one nights theme eatery was quite empty while the other three restaurants down the soi (small lane) were already packed. I puzzled!

The two-story pub cum restaurant is decorated in Moroccan style to deliver chic and a bit of Aladin's bling; quite romantic in ambiance. Menu is small but practical. It doesn't serve Middle-eastern cuisine; instead she has Thai on offer, the authentic accent. In addition to her Thai menu, @Rajthevee also serves pub food and ox tongue stew on rice from the owner's grandparents recipe. Though it is not very "stew", but, to my liking, and still best ox tongue stew on rice I have ever sampled in Bangkok.

@Rajteevee Thai dishes however fail to reach the mark; they do not follow the glory of their western neighbor - ox tongue stew. Tom-yum-goong (spicy and sour prawn soup) is at average, but already considered the best shot that night; while keang-kieo-wan gai (green curry with chicken meat) seems to have landed from outer space, one layer, ultra salty and lacking of the aromatic ingredients it should have. Yum silver fish salad, fried thousand-year-egg with basil, and grilled pork with jim jil sauce are all so-so.

As a pub cum restaurant, booze and cocktails are of course never of any worry. Besides, the fruit and green tea smoothies are delightful as well. Overall our meal was a pleasant one; if no dog barks.

Before disembarking we went to the restroom, and decided to leave through the parking lot at the back of the restaurant. Suddenly a barking noise, in high db, asked us not to "trespass". There we saw an old skinny human-alike-being run out from the kitchen, rudely ordered us not to take the parking lot access to leave. Weird! We were therefore limited the access only through main entrance in the restaurant, but not from the parking lot. Mafia sack!

@Rajthevee Cafe-Bar & Restaurant **1/2
342/3-4 Phayathai Road
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.611.1414

Open daily : 5 pm - 1 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


Anonymous said...

I like both ox tongue and ox tail.


in the sea said...

Looks very Arabic and when they serve Thai food, are those very local or with some Arabic touch?

Anonymous said...

Now Thai food in an Arabian restaurant. Very interesting!

Fillet-O Fish said...

BTS Ratchathewi station is near Siam. One more choice for Thai meal.

Paranoid Android said...

Such a little gem. Can belly dance while drinking oxtail soup? Trust TC to discover little hidden gems like this. Thanks for sharing.

Paranoid Android said...

Oooh... BTW, did you change cameras or something? Your photos look ravishing. Sea's too...

Thailand Club said...

@Android: same camera, i am too lazy to carry a dslr with me around the clock, a compact dc that has f2.0 24 mm lens is good enough!

in the sea said...

Report report: LX-5 is now down to HK$3,600 and may go down further because Canon S95 (don't know why Canon has this one to compete - time for G12 coming out though it was just announced) is in the battlefield, together with Ricoh GXR.... So many to have our eyes getting dizzy towards this Christmas season. To be continued.

Android, I still use quite much of my compact camera. I think probably we are getting to hold our cameras more steady. :)

Thailand Club said...

oh 3,600 that's good news, and i am looking into Fuji-film's Finepix compact f2.2 23 mm one also ..

Anonymous said...

This place is gaining in popularity lately - was there last night and it was a full house. Lovely ambiance.