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Monday, October 04, 2010



A taste of THANN

High-end spa products supplier THANN, has her finger in the food industry (the healthy style) after the success of the core business. Team up with White Cafe Catering and florist Chayapon Singhalak; THANN has her spa products and tea collection, light (healthy) meal, and flower arrangement integrated under one roof.

I started the meal with a glass of Iced cinnamon bael fruit tea (THB 100++) from THANN's home-blended organic tea collection. A truly refreshing kick! My friend, unfortunately opted for the fruit smoothie which is less impressive.

The menu is a mixed choice of local favorites and international delicacies. For local stuffs, we took the Rice with chicken green curry (THB 150++) and Rice with roasted duck red curry (THB 200++). The green curry is rich in flavor, pungent hot and aromatic, while the red curry is on the disappointed side. For inter delis, we sampled the mushroom and beef lasagna (THB 280++) and the Lemon cake (THB 125++). The flavorsome lasagna delivers aromatic mixed of mushroom, cheese and Italian herbs, while the plasticky tasted lemon cake is lack of good flavor and hard in texture, a disaster in mouth and taste buds torture.

A visit to THANN Cafe without a sip of hot tea (iced is good as well) from the THANN home-blended organic tea collection is a waste of journey. To conclude the meal, I opted for the Hot lavender white tea (THB 90++), there proven a makeup to the disappointment of the red curry and lemon cake.

THANN Boutique Cafe ***
1/F Gaysorn Plaza
999 Ploenchit Road
Prathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.656.1061

Open daily : 10 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 700


Stella said...

Something different here.
The atmosphere is trendy.
The food is ok but not too many choices.

Tommy Leung said...

Now Thann can eat too? So many trendy cafes in Bangkok.

in the sea said...

The shop is very appealing for you to go in. Right after I posted mine, I found out TC did it last night. :)

Yai said...

The green curry looks quite good, and the red curry look like some water in orange colour. The hot tea serving is very Japanese. I will try.

Stella said...

This one is quite good for tea time or snack time. But not enough choices for lunch(at least for enough for me or Chris).

Fillet-O Fish said...

Now one more choice in Gaysorn Plaza.

Thailand Club said...

THANN, food, not exciting (cakes r sucks), but tea, superb!

of course, THANN has her own blended tea collection on offer for a long time before this cafe touched the ground