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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Krua Apsorn


Eat well, share them, sleep happily

Krua Apsorn, a decades old no-frills noisy eatery with minimal decoration, is fan of Thai royalty and local connoisseurs, also on radar of foreign journalists and foodies.

Choices of order are limited to a single sheet ordinary laminated menu, offering Thai household dishes with a small selection of Thai-Chinese favorites. All dishes are delightful. With focus on quality of food and authentication of taste only, Krua Apsorn is surely one of the most unpretentious eateries in town.

spicy salad with seafood (yum talay) THB 100
braised pork and eggs in thick broth (kai palo) THB 80

a slice of fluffy omelet with crab meat

fluffy omelet with crab meat (kai foo poo) THB 85
green curry (gaeng kieo-wan) THB 90

fried river prawn in tamarind sauce (goong-maenam phad sauce ma-kam) THB 300

stir-fried crab meat in yellow curry (poo phad phong karee) THB 320
vegetable clear soup with tofu and minced pork (gaeng juud) THB 70

Krua Apsorn Thai Restaurant ****1/4
503-505 Samsen Road
(near corner Samsen Soi 9)
Dusit, Bangkok 10300
Tel.: 02.241.8528
Krua Apsorn

Open daily (except Sunday): 10:30 am - 8 pm
Pay (food only for two) : around THB 450


Michael said...

Krua Apsorn is a classic one. Good food. I wish I could eat there more and more, but its location made me a bit hesitated. Still worth me a trip there once in a while.

Stella said...

$10 US per person and worth 4-star rating from the picky and fussy TC?
Then this must be good and worth going.

in the sea said...

Wow.. 4.5 stars! Must try! Can't get the tiger baby without going into the tiger's cave. :) Await to see the photos of this one and if time permits, I would excuse myself from a solitary journey to this one. :)

in the sea said...

BTW, why I had to do this is because my travel friends are all poisoned with MO. My fault - I am eating the fruits that I laid the seeds.

Yai said...

Krua Apsorn is absolute definitely list AAA restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Green curry has a nice colour, fluffy omelet is special. The river prawn looks flavourful, sauce not too much, prawn nicely fried, must be yummy! Must try Krua Apsorn.

in the sea said...

I can tell from the texture of the omelette that they used very fresh eggs.

Tommy Leung said...

The food look appealing, and if TC gave it 4 and a quarter stars, then there must be a good reason behind. This restaurant in Dusit area, bad traffic during daytime, however, still wanna try.

Stella said...

Anything cheap and good like this one then please bring me here.
If picky TC can give a 4.5 star then this place is safe.
Even when TC said 3 star may still be ok.

Stella said...

Happy Chinese New Year Eve to all my blog friends around the world.
Saying bye to the Tiger and saying hi to the Rabbit.

Stella said...

Happy New Year of the Rabbit.
Wish you all with good health, good wealth and happiness.

in the sea said...

Happy New Year too to everyone!

Paranoid Android said...

Happy New Year, TC... Happy New Year, Sea and Stella!

May the year of Rabbit bring you Happiness, Good Health and Prosperity!

Gong Hei Gong Hei!

Thailand Club said...

Happy CN Lunar New Year to all of you! Of course Healthy and Prosperous Year of Rabbit to P.Android, Sea and Stella!

To all, Kung-Hei-Fat-Choy!

Stella said...

Hi Paranoid,

Happy New Year of the Rabbit to you.
Wish you are as smart, as witty and as fast as the Rabbit. Also you will own 3 homes like the Rabbit.

Bunny Sun