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Friday, January 07, 2011

Len Zen


Noodle in a high-so arcade

I roam, in Sukhumvit's K-Village again and again, so often lately. (God I almost forgot my beloved Thonglo stripe!)

Having too much cream sauce and cheese during the festive seasons, try something light and a bit Thai today. Thus a bowl of Ayutthaya boat noodle may set my day.

Len Zen Boat Noodle settled in Bangkok most trendy lifestyle arcade K-Village, tends to deliver high-so version of boat noodle with local beef or wagyu (B295++/B415++) to trend chasers at affordable price. Sorry, she failed! The so-called "original broth recipe of more than 10 natural herbs boiled with specially prepared stock" tastes just as good as a bowl from any roadside vendor in Bangkok (but need not to compare with those in Ayutthaya). See the bean sprout. I don't know what is in the operators' mind. Why don't they just go home to soak in beer!

1. boat noodle (local beef) THB 55++; 2. boat noodle (local pork) THB 55++

aged bean sprout, yellow, not white, natural color, no photoshop correction,
so you can see they are not fresh, and this is what Len Zen serves customers!

3. ultra sweet Thai iced tea with milk THB 45++; 4. black herbal jelly THB 45++

Len Zen Boat Noodle **1/2
K-Village #A220, 2/F Building A
99 Sukhumvit Soi 26
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.661.3438

Open daily : 10:30 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 200


Anonymous said...

Pity TC eats some disapproved boat noodle!

Paranoid Android said...

Happy New Year, TC!

High So setting with below average noodles? Hmmm... Will just give it a pass.

in the sea said...

Not even the herbal jelly is good either. It's also over-priced indeed. I agreed it's a 2.5 star rated. If the soup wasn't good, it could have been dropped to 2.

Stella said...

So this place is for "water fish" who likes to eat at high-so area but not too demanding on the food.
I had ramen at Noodle World's other restaurant called Naga Naga (Thai-Jap fusion Ramen) in Old Pasadena today at lunch(3 blocks south west from my office). It is $8.25 US(before tax) for the BBQ Pork Jap noodle per bowl(portion is 1.5 times here). I think the price is cheap(don't forget Old Town Pasadena area is quite expensive in rent).
The same Naga Naga on Valley Boulevard in Alhambra(next to Garden Cafe) is $5.50 US for the same bowl of ramen(same portion) during weekday lunch time.

Queen William said...

This is the second substandard food vendor in K Village.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that BKK can have some expensive substandard food, finally.


in the sea said...

No pain no gain. This is the cost for finding good food.

Stella said...

SO K-Village is the "water fish" Village.

in the sea said...

Not so... Remember they have your favourite "King's Palace" noodle and congee.

Thailand Club said...

right, at least K-Village has King's Palace, arguably best roasted goose, wonton soup, barbecue pork on rice, and congee in Bangkok

K-Village also has nice high-so somtum joints, economy wine and dine restaurant, good coffee house and Jap fast food outlets

Stella said...

Oh you are right, my favorite King Palace won ton noodle is here at K-Village.

Anonymous said...

Can tell the Thai tea colour is not right. The one in Leng Noodle looks better!