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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Leng Noodle & NYCC


A legal robbery

Located in (almost) countryside Bangkok, with low cost decoration and cheap-look ambiance, Leng charges THB 120 for a bowl of regular fish ball noodle in clear broth, and her sister bakery NYCC charges THB 199 for a piece of rather bland non-aromatic rugelach cheesecake, are kind of ripoff under the sun.

1. fish ball noodle in tomyum broth THB 120, 2. fish ball noodle in clear broth THB 120

nicely present seasoning pack

3. Thai milk tea, 4. fish ball noodle and Thai tea

Leng Noodle and NYCC Bakery **
Z102, between Building B and D
Crystal Design Centre
1420/1 Praditmanutham Road
Klongjun, Bangkok 10240
Tel.: 02.102.2200

Open daily : 10:30 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): expect THB 300 for noodles, THB 400 for cheese cakes


Stella said...

Happy to know there is still some expensive and not-so-nice food in BKK for a change, finally. I guess this is like 0.01% chance out of the whole. It is like hitting a jackpot. Congratulations TC.

Paranoid Android said...

Oh dear. Located Charn Muang and expensive plus not so great noodles. Probably that explains the "crowd".

in the sea said...

I thought Len Zen is already a winner, but now a first runner up. Hope it' s not a 2nd runner up. :)

Yai said...

Poor p'TC this week eat a many expensive and mai aroi soup noodle. Next week you will eat good food!

Stella said...

TC will enjoy the good food more after the not-so-good "water fish" food.
If everyday good food only then he gets numb. It is good to have some relativity.

Thailand Club said...

hope i hv nice food this week, and the next one maybe delicious post!

Stella said...

The new post of FlintStone does look good.

in the sea said...

The sun will come out eventually after long rainy days.