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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Melt Me


Melting me softly with a scoop

Bangkok most trendy Italian gelato parlor debuts in trendy Thonglo.

Since December (2010) I hover in Arena 10 0f Thonglo at least three times a week, sampling self-proclaimed "healthy" gelato at Melt Me is one of the agendas. Is that gelato so good? Definitely NO! Is that awful? Neither!

I appreciate that the texture of Melt Me's gelato is smooth, creamy, and gentle; however, the taste - some flavors very artificial. (I can easily get the same flavor from my family doctor, just tell him I have a cough.) The good are forest berries and pistachio. Hard to bear are mango and vanilla. May spit to dustbin are strawberry and mojito. Three stars that I gave to Melt Me; half star for the ambiance, another half being part of Thonglo trendy kids (when I sit there), and one for her marketing achievement. (If it is not slightly overpriced, I may be more generous to give her Four!) Melt Me is where one can learn how to venture into a restaurant business, frog can turn out to be a prince!

Melt Me's chilled Hokkaido chocolate tastes like melting a piece of chewy creamy candy with dark chocolate flavor (tasty though) in my mouth. A cover version of Royce! Like it or not. Your call.

Melt Me Hokkaido Chocolate & Healthy Gelato ***
Arena 10
159/8 Thonglor Soi 10
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.392.4855
Melt Me

Open daily : 11 am - 2 am
Pay (desserts only for two): around THB 450


Stella said...

Having a scoop of ice cream is Thonglor is like big enjoyment in paradise.

Bangkok Gastronomy said...

I have tried Melt Me and thought that it was overpriced for what you were getting.

Although the chocolates were great!

Thailand Club said...

@Stella: this place is not for u, as, overpriced

@BkkGastro: Tan would like to cash in his investment faster (maybe fastest) that's why she is overpriced ..

in the sea said...

Melt Me - isn't it that brand of chocolate?

Bangkok Gastronomy said...

They sell desserts, "healthy" ice cream and a selection of chocolates. A good place to relax before/after hitting Funky Villa.

I've heard good things about the Ramen store though, will definitely try the place soon.

Hopefully I am talking about the correct Melt Me!

Thailand Club said...

@Sea: yes it is that chocolate brand suddenly pop-up at almost every major shopping centers (so with great flow with cash is great!) and also it is also a healthy gelato joint

@ BkkGastro: yes, v r talking about that Melt Me, and for the nearby 6 champions ramen outlets i will wait for ur review, pls enjoy eating every of them .. hehe

Stella said...

The over price is expected and said is this store name already: Melt Me, or it shall be called "Melt You" instead.

in the sea said...

I seem to recall someone told me why that "Melt Me" choco is all of a sudden in any snack shop or dept. store...etc., is that some actor/actress took that choco. in a movie or TV drama. Just like Kimura, he wore the Red Wing shoes. All of a sudden all Red Wing shoes were almost gone like it's robbed over night.

Next time we can tell our doctors to go for dessert business. :) BTW, That crispy creme is really a scene that can attract more American donut shops to go into the market of Thailand.

Tommy Leung said...

Food styling is beautiful. With 3 stars rating and just look at the pictures without reading the text I might immediate head to Melt Me from SUV. So mama says don't trust appearance is the golden truth.

Fillet-O Fish said...

If they use Hokkaido milk to make the gelato, should be more creamy and milky. Poor some of them taste like your cough syrup!

Stella said...

It is not easy to turn the cough syrup taste ice cream to an expensive and trendy hit. Salute to her marketing skill.

in the sea said...

If they have wasabi ice cream, I'll go for a try. :)

Mickey Mouse said...

this pretentious desserts shop know nothing about taste, to make wasabi ice cream, maybe pla-ra (fermented fish) ice cream they can!

in the sea said...

I think they will, if they know there are "vinegar ginger pig's knuckle" ice cream in Taipei. :)

Stella said...

Vinegar ginger pig knuckle is my favorite.