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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Orient


Orient, not the Oriental

This is a modern Thai restaurant quite well received within the local high-so(ciety) circle renowned for its traditional fare of exquisite recipes from the royal palace.

I really like this Restaurant. Not about her food, but the longer operating hours. I hate most local family restaurants "welcome" customers with an ugly face after 9 pm (as waitress busily painting watercolor on face to prepare a funky trip to hell). Service at the Orient is impeccable; normally this kind of (good) service doesn't exist in a standalone restaurant.

The Orient deserves the Like from facebook!

yum pak boon tord (deep-fried morning glory with Thai spicy dressing) THB 135++
goong phad sauce ma-kam (fried prawn in tamarind sauce) THB 195++

tomyum goong-maenam (spicy & sour soup with Thai herbs, river prawn) THB 350++

toumyumgoong THB 350++, pla chon (snake-head fish) Ratchaburi recipe THB 195++

shaved ice - condensed milk flavor Thai style THB 65++

lok-chong THB 65++, ruby in coconut milk THB 65++

The Orient Since 1981 ***1/4
Somerset Building
115 Soi Thonglo
Sukhumvit Soi 55
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.381.6667

Open daily : 11 am - 11 pm (Fri-Sat until midnight)
Pay (Food only for two): around THB 1,200


Anonymous said...

Oh this one is famous restaurant used to hide inside Sukhumvit and was closed for a while, now open on main street Thonglor. Price very hi-so.

in the sea said...

Something sparkling in Somerset building. Busy Thonglor keeps even busier. :)

Tommy Leung said...

The tomyumgoong looks very delicious, and the shaved ice is quite appealing.

Stella said...

I like eatery opens late at night.
The food here looks quite good. We shall come here for secret sneak out night meal.

in the sea said...

Har.. another secret place. So many already and one even with an explicit name as "Secret Garden".

Queen William said...

An additional to the hip hip Thonglor. Next time I will try.

Stella said...

Yes, it is good to know we have so many places for the secret sneak- out meals, or high-tea, or night snacks.
Next time we can do this while TC is taking a nap.

in the sea said...

The Tom Yam looks quite nice. TC, Goong-maenam means Prawn - river, or maenam represents the name of the River? Thanks.

Thailand Club said...

maenam = river

in the sea said...

Thank you krup.