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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Calderazzo Bistro


Hearty Italian fare in Bangkok

OMG I could never imagine that I will eat at an Italian restaurant that doesn't have its attached kitchen (but separately built miles away in another building), or the chef from the kitchen greets his customers with his jeans and cowboy shirts (but not proper chef attire) on, or plays middle-eastern music (but not jazz nor Italian easy listening) in the dining room , or serves local lettuce (but not Roman lettuce) in my Caesar salad.

The friendly and no-frills chef happened to cook our (every) orders right and has his good hand on sauce;
and I am happened to loving this place, with hearty fare and casual ambiance to spend an easy evening with good friends. Sooooooo good!

If Calderazzo Bistro is too "mini" for you, or you expect a bit more sophisticated dining experience; her elder sister Calderazzo Ristorante Italiano is just 50 meters away (towards Chidlom).

seafood salad THB 260++ (fresh salad, real prawn, not frozen one, good dressing)
Caesar salad THB 250++ (funny, chef had local lettuce to replace Roman lettuce)

parma ham pizza THB 350++ (Roman style, medium-grade parma ham, good value)

ministrone THB 180++ (lots of veggie, mild seasoning, it is real soup, not msg water)
lobster bisque THB 250++ (forget to sample, i think it is good as my friend enjoys it)

seafood pizza THB 290++ (nice crust, fresh seafood, cutter fish not chewy)

ravioli spinach THB 340++ (nice ravioli, tasty sauce, good one, very filling)
risotto mushroom THB 350++ (taste good, risotto overcooked, chef likes Jap rice?)

panacotta THB 190++ (texture rich, sweet mild, pretty good)

Jamaica rum chocolate ice cream THB 90++ (although not home-made, but good one)
chocolate foundant THB 230++ (better than frozen one from supermarket!)

Calderazzo Bistro ***1/4
Mayfair Bangkok Marriott Executive Apartments
60 Soi Langsuan

off Ploenchit Road
Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02. 672.1230

Open daily : 11 am - midnight
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,400


Queen William said...

Passed by this restaurant many times, thought it is a coffee shop for international fare.

Now we know TC loves the Italian food here.

Stella said...

Italian food in BKK is a lot better and cheaper than in LA.

in the sea said...

If it's not with some services and the nice skill from the chef plus the nice environment, things could have been worse and I believe 2 stars would be given. I agreed to give it at 3.5. See how important sometimes services and certain skill can make it up. Funny that they used local lettuce for the Caesar salad. The sauce is quite nice but the risotto was a bit over cooked. After all, I some prefer this one in Soi Lang Suan as I would consider the services and the ambient environment. :)

Stella said...

This kind of food is similar to those considered high-end in Old Town Pasadena, with price double of course.

Thailand Club said...

yes, 95% of us don't hv a razor sharp palate but we all hv a sensitive emotion, so service and ambiance is more important than the food

Stella said...

You guys are right, rating of good food shall be integrated with good environment and service as a whole.