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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Red Lantern


Lantern, red, prosperity

Chinese bistros run by the Mainland Chinese always mislead me to one impression - owners don't care for restaurant hygiene. Luckily there is an exceptional one - Hong Teong Long (Red Lantern) Chinese Restaurant.

Red Lantern is one of the (small) restaurants I always come for authentic Shanghaiese wanton soup (forget about that big chain shamelessly invades to almost every shopping malls with the name "Shanghai" and "xiao-long-pao" as the brand, that chain insults the cuisine of Shanghai and Chinese food), and home-style Chinese provincial delicacies, such as steamed meat bun, stir-fried fish fillet in wine and vinegar sauce and Szechuan minced pork with tofu in chili sauce (ma-po tofu).

A foreign journalist from San Francisco claimed that Red Lantern serves the best xiao-long-pao in town; although I couldn't 100% agree with him (as for me the best one still awarded to Nam-tao-hu Yong Herh) in such aspect, but I agree that Red Lantern does serve very good provincial cuisine in Bangkok.

meat bun / vegetable bun THB 30 each
beef noodle Mainland Chinese style THB 60

arguably best (real) Shanghai wanton in town, THB 50

Sichuan chili live frog leg casserole THB 180
spicy green eggplant with minced pork THB 120

bite-size steamed xiao-long-pao dumplings, THB 60, average

deep-fried live sea bass in sweet and sour sauce THB 350
stir-fried long bean with minced pork THB 120

Hong Teong Long (Red Lantern) CN Restaurant ***3/4
149/16 Surawong Road
at Soi Anglo Plaza
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.238.3379

Open daily : 11 am - 3 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 400


in the sea said...

Some ingredients are still hard to find in Bangkok and so restricted for a nice Shanghai food cooking. This restaurant looks like it's in a abandoned area (around).

Stella said...

The red lanterns reminded me of the China House.

Bangkok Gastronomy said...

I remember having one of the best Xiao Long Baos in Bangkok in a small chinese restaurant along Silom road a few years back. Not a single staff could speak English and we even saw cockroaches running around.

The place is long gone now, but I am feeling hungry for some NICE Chinese food.

Paranoid Android said...

Red Lantern. Reminds me of Gong Li/Zhang Yimou's movie.

Seriously. Shanghainese food in BKK? How did I miss that? You are truly the food hunter of Bangkok!

in the sea said...

Android, that's a nice movie and I like Gong Li a lot. The other one is "To Live" (meaning). I forgot the exact English name.

Thailand Club said...

@ in-the-sea: deep inside Silom Soi 6 or Narathiswas Soi 1

@ Bkk Gastronomy: maybe that's the one on Silom Soi 8, run by husband and wife from Shanghai; yes, long gone, they r back to China now

@ P.Android: Red Lantern is not really a Shanghaiese restaurant, it is more on northern cum western provincial cuisine, but they also serve Shanghai wanton, surprise very good, even topped with shredded eggs stripe, very traditional,(same those i ate during childhood cooked by my mom and our Shanghaiese maid) ..

Fillet-O Fish said...

The Shanghai wanton looks real. Interesting that Bangkok has a good provincial bistro.

Paranoid Android said...

@sea... I think it is "To Live" which stars Ge You. About the Gambling husband. My favorite is still "Farewell My Concubine" which sees her starring with the late Leslie Cheung...

Such a poignant movie, especially with the backdrop of Cultural Revolution.

TC... You have to the the Wiki of Dining in Bangkok. I must ask for your advice next time I get a holiday!

Stella said...

Yes this place reminded me of Gong Li's movie The Big Red Lantern.
Gong Li is also my favorite. Very different from other China imported movie star such as Zhang G Ye. Gong Li is way better. It is not just the face and figure but everything else inside out.


Thailand Club said...

@P.Android: i am no Wiki, more ppl have better knowledge on food and restaurants than me, i just like to eat and share, and i hate those paid advertorial, waste tourists time and money; of course waiting for u to visit here on a wonderful vacation

@Stella: u can watch Gong Li inside out just in a movie? wow!

Stella said...

Yes Gong Li is good inside out, that means she is more than the good look but also with substance. At least she is super good as compared to Zhang G Yee.

Stella said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all my good friends and readers of this blog. And of course our writer TC, very supportive reader SEA, Paranoid, Fish Burger, Tommy, Yai, Pixmation, and all those invisible readers who don't have a habit of making comments. Thank you for your participation in you own special way.