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Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Everyone wanna be a champion!

These days, many cover versions of so-called Japanese champion ramen joints raided Bangkok. Most of the owners are not Japanese restaurateurs and are not "champions" in ramen open contests in Japan; and their local ramen chefs (most of them) have not been properly trained by Japanese ramen chefs prior to their commercial practice, are lack of knowledge about ramen (or maybe even lack of knowledge about Japan). So can these people cook us a bowl of authentic J-ramen with hearty soup?

That doesn't hurt to wait for miracle if you don't mind to waste time and money.

Pray. We always have faith! Chabuton, many of the ramen dishes were created by renowned TV Champion (2002) chef Yasuji Morizumi, has quietly extended his franchise license to Thailand after the success of his ramen joints in Japan and the US (both rated in Michelin Guide and Zagat), with the debut in Siam Square Soi 3 last year and recently an addition to the Central World - the dining paradise in Bangkok.

tonkotsu ramen (small) THB 130 net

gyoza THB 80 net, shoyu zaru (dipping) ramen THB 170 net

shio tonkotsu chashumen THB 245 net

Chabuton Ramen ****
6/F Atrium Zone
Central World Plaza
Ratchadamri Road
Prathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.613.1038

Open daily : 11 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


in the sea said...

So is it better than that 山小屋 in Thonglor?

Queen William said...

Hong Kong also has one shop Mist by Yasuji Morizumi, franchise to two HK people.

Stella said...

I don't think I have been here yet.
This looks good.

Anonymous said...

Yes, chef Morizumi's Chabuya in LA has one Michelin star.

Stella said...

You know where in LA?

Thailand Club said...

@Sea: they r different kind, but i prefer Chabuton, its pork bone broth is non complex, but aromatically delicious. Remember u c those also-called champion ramen in Thonglo Arena 10, those 6 ramen joints r too gimmick, broth r too complex, and some even alter to the local palate, lost of authentication (but by commercial mean maybe good, as locals may like it)

@Stella: Google it!

in the sea said...

Thanks for the explanation. I must go get a try. The soup looks it's been boiled over a day. Pretty mouth watering.
Re the adapted ramen, when it comes to some Tom Yam soup, then we will know how Japanese it is.

Thailand Club said...

yes, the tonkotsu pork bone broth is day-boiled, taste natural, no excessive seasonings, and it shines; u realize that normally i don't drink the soup in my ramen bowl, but not at Chabuton, i couldn't afford not to sip until the last drop ..

in the sea said...

Goodorf! Will try it for sure.