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Monday, February 21, 2011

Khao Tom Pla Ha-Dao


Five-star rice soup

Charoenkung belt, where foodies found their fond delis.

At two ends of Charoenkrung Road (a.k.a. New Road) there found the country most delicious khao-tom pla (rice soup with fish) - Sieng Kee in China Town area of Charoenkrung Road, while Ha-Dao (5-Star) in Yannawa district (near C.B.D. Bangkok) of Charoenkrung Road.

What made Ha-Dao's fish rice soup shine? It is about her freshness of fish fillet (and seafood) and the multi-hour simmered broth served. No MSG. A bowl of Ha-Dao's fish rice soup is truly a treat.

mixed seafood khao-tom THB 100

dipping sauce for fish - fermented soy bean sauce, sinfully aromatic

pomfret khao-tom THB 200

Khao Tom Pla Ha-Dao ****
Charoenkrung Road, at Chan intersection
Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.675.2598

Open daily : 4 pm - 3 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 300


Fillet-O Fish said...

Fish rice soup, my favorite. Wait for the photos. Thanks for sharing!

Tommy Leung said...

Rice soup is my favorite comfort food. Is this place near Robinson Bangrak?

Anonymous said...

This one is very famous in Sathorn. Just near my apartment.

in the sea said...

4 star rice soup, and it looks pretty nice. Do they put a lot of white pepper powder though I prefer?

Stella said...

Rice soup or porridge or congee is not my cup of tea.

Thailand Club said...

@Tommy: not near Robinson, it is at Chan intersection, near the International School and Chatrium Residence

@Sea: if it is peppery broth i will only gave it 1 star or may not review it at all :-) hate those Thai-Chinese put every pepper in all clear soup broth and oyster sauce in brown sauce broth ..

in the sea said...

Yes, I got that. Though I like white or black pepper, some soup can't be in just one recipe. I would prefer they use the local (Chinese) celery to replace white pepper powder.