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Saturday, February 26, 2011



Home sweet home dining

A friend's birthday. Did lunch near Bon Marche (Market). Far far from C.B.D. Bangkok! At a place like home-sweet-home more than a restaurant.

Did I enjoy the lunch? Yes. Very much. Lunch at Prapak is like eating at a friend's home that the food were prepared by his/her mom, noncommercial kind.

deep-fried chicken wings with garlic THB 115;
stir-fried kale with sun-dried salty fish flake in oyster sauce THB 95

stir-fried green curry with home-made pla-krai fish ball THB 125

tomyum pla-salid fish soup THB 115; gaeng som soup THB 115

Prapak does not only serve cuisine that tastes like our aunties cook, but also serves tempting desserts for the sweet tooth; and the hut for movie stars to spend an afternoon with their off-screen buddies.

cherry cheese pie; mille-feuille with strawberry sauce

Prapak Thai Restaurant & Bakery ***1/2
89/165 Soi Sammakon 1
Prachaniwet 1 Road
Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Tel.: 02.580.4651

Open daily (except Monday) : 11 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 800


Sam said...

So this time you go to a suburb kitchen to eat. Bangkok has too many good choices. Food paradise instead.

in the sea said...

It's near Chatuchak. Seems like there are a no. of nice places to try. Look forward to more photos.

Thailand Club said...

don't be trapped in the TH district zoning, although it is in Chatuchak, but the JJ Market r u familiar with, and Bon Marche Market where nearby this restaurant, is happened at two ends, twenty miles away (15 mins. by car in through traffic)

in the sea said...

I see. Thanks for the geo. note.

Anonymous said...

Bon Marche Market! It is near the old Bangkok airport Don Muang. So this place is for picnic lunch. You work (eat) so hard TC!

Thailand Club said...

the next post u c, i "work" harder .. :-)

Stella said...

This is kind of like the "see fong choi"(private cooking)type.
The dishes look very delicious.

Chris said...

Oh, I ate here a couple of years ago with a Thai friend and couldn't remember the name of the restaurant. thanks for posting about this - it's a very cute place and the food was great :)

Thailand Club said...

@Chris: ar lucky u hv eaten at Prapak, this is a very nice homey eatery, and ur friend must be a foodie also ..

btw, Chris, welcome to my blog!