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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tab Chang


A feast in an elephant hut

Very far from my place, but worth the journey to eat at Tab Chang.

organic lemongrass tea THB 65++

mieng kum pla kapong tord THB 225++
(leaf-wrapped appetizer with deep-fried sea bass fillet and condiments)

nham prik madan THB 185++
(roasted fermentaed madan & kapi based chili dipping paste, salid fish and vegetables)

gai-baan tom kamin THB 165++
(southern style free-range chicken soup with cumin and herbs)

sangwa goong maenam Tapee THB 875++

ancient recipe Thai salad "sangwa" served with grilled Tapee river prawn

moo satay rua THB 150++
(sinfully flavorsome, moist and tender, ultra yummy!)

moo cha muan THB 265++
southern style pork stew with coconut cream (yes, Thailand got talent!)

Tab Chang Thai Bistro ****
1 Nakniwat Soi 41
off Ladprao Soi 71
Ladprao, Bangkok 10230
Tel.: 02.530.7002
Tab Chang

Open daily : lunch 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, dinner 5 - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,400


Paranoid Android said...

Wow! It's been years since I went to that area. Can't wait to see the food.

Tommy Leung said...

Go to eat in an elephant hut? Looking forward to the food photos as well.

in the sea said...

Quite many nice restaurants in the upper north. Haven't been to this area either for years.

Anonymous said...

Another garden restaurant in Bangkok, so beautiful!

Stella said...

This is the kind of place that I would like to go. It looks more Thai.
Waiting for the food here.

in the sea said...

Looks like a resort restaurant. TC, you are getting very good in holding your camera very firmly. :)

Thailand Club said...

Sea, just the camera is light enough, so i am not into DLSR (too heavy)

Stella said...

Yummy food here with good atmosphere.

Tommy Leung said...

What a beautiful banquet. The food is not what tourists normally eat, this is really some Thai food!

Queen William said...

The river prawn and yum is stunning. Although it is kind of far from the town, but I shall put in in my eating cart for the next trip!

in the sea said...

The prawn is really space occupying.