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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jutharos 1969


Siam has good

Siam Square has the Kingdom most pioneer Thai-Inter restaurants on the same plot for the high-so Chula students and trendy (also high-so) teenage shoppers.

Jutharos 1969 (that's mean since 42 years ago) is one of them.

Unlike fancy meal or chic chic cuisine now invades to the Siam (Square) vicinity, Jutharos 1969 serves basic meal. All-time best sellers are grilled fish balls (loved among Chula students), spring roll (fresh or deep-fried), rad-na and fusion spaghetti. For me, it is always khao-krok kapi (fried rice in fermented shrimp paste and condiments) that fixed my hunger.

fish ball with Jutharos sauce
spaghetti with salty fish flake; fried rice in fermented shrimp paste with condiments

phad Thai with shrimp; rad-na gai (fried rice noodle in gravy, with chicken fillet)

Jutharos fresh spring rolls

Jutharos 1969 Restaurant ***1/2
420/11 Siam Square Soi 1
Rama 1 Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.251.6801

Open daily : 11 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 200


Stella said...

Spring roll and fish ball and the fried rice sound like Phoenix Food Boutique in LA, all my favorite(plus the chicken wing too). They were all our dinner last night.

Look forward to the food here.

Paranoid Android said...

Love your comment about this place. It is so apt! :)

in the sea said...

I like the shrimp paste fried rice too. Siam has lots of good old memories to me. I somehow prefer the old Siam Center and the ex-Inter-continental hotel.

Thailand Club said...

yes, Siam Square and vicinity never lost its charm .. no matter how many more mega malls built

Stella said...

$7 US for 2 persons is cheap for these yummy dishes.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Siam Square maybe the oldest shopping centre in Thailand, and seems Siam Square never dies!

Tommy Leung said...

I find out you wrote more than 3 hundred posts, and more than 3 hundred restaurants here non-repeated. Is Bangkok really has that much good restaurants for you to review, or they are just pops you made, non-existing? I am joking. Of course they are real things. So this city is really amazing, and no wonder you mentioned it is the world gourmet hub. Now I believe you!

Thailand Club said...

@Tommy: now u understand why my blog is titled "Amazing Thailand Gourmet", as it is really amazed that my tasting trip is never ending, good restaurants r counting ..

say either HK or LA alone, i could never find more than 300 top restaurants (150 perhaps) each in these cities!