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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feuang Nara


Dine at White house

Feuang Nara - the most recent addition to Silom already bland Thai restaurant scene, turns out to be the kind of unnecessary to exist.

The house painted in white is beautiful. The interior is smart. The owners are friendly. The vibe is comforting. But, not the food! Does mom always says - don't judge someone by his/her/its appearance (and the "it" applies to Feuang Nara), that will save some disappointment.

1. larb moo (spicy Issan ground pork salad) THB 120+
(the first dish, not impressive, neither bad, it is average)
2. yum wunsen (spicy glass noodle salad with seafood) THB 85+
(my nightmare of the night begins, the salad, normal bad though not extra bad)

3. one of Feuang Nara specialty, deep-fried prawn in tamarind sauce, THB 350+
(prawn over-cooked, sauce sweet but no aromatic, one of my most favorite sauce -
tamarind sauce, totally spoiled in the hand of Feuang Nara's chef)

4. stir-fried baby corn in oyster sauce, THB 75+
(cheap oyster sauce, one taste, salty; baby corn were rotten, high-so place use of garbage-grade ingredients; no anti-diarrhea pills provided as amuse-bouche)
5. hor-mok NZ mussels (steam curry souffle with minced fish), THB 250+
(sorry to say that, any roadside hor-mok vendors serve better minced fish curry souffle)

6. another house specialty (OMG), deep-fried sea bass with herbal dressing, THB 350+
(too small fish fillet dice for my big mouth; taste? bland, so bland, too bland, very bland)

7. tom-kha-gai (Thai galangal and coconut cream soup with chicken), THB 120+
(ready-made tom-kha-gai pack found in supermarket tastes more authentic than this)
8. tom-yum-goong (Thai spicy sour and spicy soup with prawn), THB 150+
(arguably best shot of the night, didn't kill my palate, thanks Feuang Nara has mercy)

On my second visit, the restaurant even over-charged approx. THB 500 (found out after I checked the bill at home) out of THB 1,804. I sent my personal aide to hear for a reason. The answer is - lack of experience and a workable billing system. My aide therefore was benefited from a glass of very delicious (he said) icy cold mango smoothie and a 15% discount VIP card (and the refund, of course). To me, not convincing enough since the restaurant is already in full (charged) operation.

Since Feuang Nara has a charming interior, friendly owners, and pleasant wait-staffs, I will revisit them later the year, to see if there is any improvement. My opinion is, Feuang Nara shall get rid of the current chef (with so-called prior hotel working experience; what hotel? love hotel perhaps!) before this charming restaurant vanished from the Silom restaurant scene.

I like this restaurant, but just couldn't stand for her food. Sad!

Feuang Nara Thai Restaurant **3/4

69 Narathiwas Rachanakarin Road, Soi 3
Silom, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.233.2410

Open daily : 11 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,200


Stella said...

This looks like fancy apartment fro outside.
Look forward to the dishes here.

Tommy Leung said...

This restaurant looks beautiful. Only 2 stars? Must wait for the review and photos.

in the sea said...

The 2 dolls on the first photo look like Mario and Luigi. The place is very countryside in white. I guess the 0.5 star is given to the place deco.?

Anonymous said...

Excited to hear finally there is a new good looking restaurant in Silom. Eager to watch the food.

Stella said...

Yes I think just the fancy look already deserves 3 stars.

Stella said...

OH TC, what a unique experience you had here.
I think this restaurant is easy to improve as long as they can get a new chef.
I don't mind to try here once since the environment, the decoration and the service are good.
But not a must though.

in the sea said...

The prawns didn't look all right. The shallot and lemon grass on the deep fried fish weren't fried enough. Most of all, when they overcharged, it's a really nightmare. Seems like the restaurants in soi 3 of Narathiwas are in a competition (for the worst).
Stella, if you wanna try their deco and friendly service, I suggest you get your favourite MO's bread before the visit, just like people getting a wonton noodle before the Chinese wedding banquet. :)

Thailand Club said...

@Sea, Stella: the 2 and a half stars is given to the calming house, sweat of the owners, and smile from wait-persons, food alone zero

@ Stella: don't mind? then eat one Mc burger before ur attempt to eat food at Feuang Nara

@Sea: it is right next to iResidence

in the sea said...

Ok, then treat this restaurant as a "coffee" shop for drinks only. :)

Anonymous said...

So it is attractive outside, rotten inside!

Stella said...

Thank you T C for the warning.
If this is the case I can skip this one for sure.
Just looking at the photos here is good enough la.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Look at the fish in this restaurant let me reluctant to eat it. Sigh, first time I feel not in a mood to eat fish!

Stella said...

Hi Fish Burger,

Are you really a fish person? Please try other food too other than fish.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the regular customer of this restuarant. As far as I have tasted the food of this place, most of the food is amazing, especially the thai traditional sweet noodle and deep fried prawn with tamarind source.

The appearance of this shop is also wonderful and enjoyable place to hang out with friends.

I love this place even who said any

Thailand Club said...

@Anonymous 0844: thanks for ur feedback, indeed she is a lovely restaurant, hope the food may improve soon ..

Scott and Rrosanne said...

Aussi family stayed in hotel across the road and after eating all over Bangkok we were delighted to find Feuang nara absolutely wonderful.We did not think we could afford the food judging by the exterior facade,but were very pleasantly surprised and we made the restaurant our evening home base for our last few days stay We all loved the food and the personable service from the owners

Thailand Club said...

agree that service at Feuang Nara was good, plus the friendly owner(s) r helpful, i do hope Feuang Nara improves the kitchen side, so it will not become another farang hub, and Thais foodies will love to eat there too ..

nice to heart that u like it, and thanks for the sharing khun Scoot and Rrosanne