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Thursday, March 03, 2011



Solid Indian cuisine - since 1979

Thailand (particularly the capital - Bangkok) maybe the country has more Indian restaurants to offer in our globe outside of India herself. I am a long time fans of Indian cuisine, due to her mysterious layers of taste and texture, strong and tender, wild and mild, as mystery as the country herself.

Numerous Indian restaurants sprawl out the city and most of them were stamped the authentication approval seal. Akbar, established in 1979 (before I was born? I dream!), is one of my favorite choices to crave for Indian food. Nowadays in Bangkok, many Indian restaurants go chic and high-so to dig our pocket deeper, Akbar is still cooking her humble dishes, the unpretentious way. And with good value!

tandooori chicken THB 150+

naan THB 20+; mutton korma THB 260+

alu gobhi THB 120+; samosa (served with thali set)

thali special vegetable set with 3 kind of curry dishes, biryani, dessert THB 250+

Akbar Indian Restaurant ***1/2
1/4 Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Nana-nua)
Klongtoey Nua, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.255.6935

Open daily : 10 am - midnight
Pay (food only for two): around THB 800


in the sea said...

This herb is so popular in this type of cuisine. Personally I don't like it much but I like this cuisine as you know. Crystal rock sugar with it and it should be a nice hot drink. :)

Anonymous said...

Mostly Indian, tikkas, kormas. tandori with some Arabic and vegetarian

Stella said...

Yes, I also guess this is an Indian Restaurant due to the name.
So you can go to this place when you pick up the mail.

Tommy Leung said...

The spice/herbs is to smoothen throat and mouth after eating strong taste food. This is Indian food.

Fillet-O Fish said...

London also has too much Indian restaurants and curry corners.

Agreed the tandoori chicken is solid (solid good, not hard!), and the rest of Akbar's dishes. TC, where is the fish tikka, we ate that right?

in the sea said...

Nice tandoori chicken.

Stella said...

It looks like we all guessed right.
Indian food is only once in a while for me as the curry is too strong and smell like medicine.
However, I like its roti a lot.

Stella said...

So the pumpkin from the guessing game is only for decoration but not a food dish here.

in the sea said...

Gotta explain the little things in that pumpkin is Cumin (茴香) and it's widely used in Indian curry and also the Northern China's BBQ lamb which I personally don't like it much. This is one of the main ingredients of Indian curry. Cumin has some medical use for warming your stomach. So if you have a cool stomach (胃寒), it's good to have little of this one and little ginger slices and some rock sugar. Why pork and lamb are used with cumin is also on this essence. If your stomach can't work warm enough, it's hard to digest the meat protein...etc. That's also why some cumin drink is served after this Indian meal. So it's necessary to have the pumpkin photo showing the cumin and crystal rock sugar inside, along with the theme of this Indian meal. :)

Stella said...

Than you Sea for the good explanation. Now it makes full sense to the whole thing.