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Friday, March 18, 2011



Where chefs eat

Whenever crave for Chinese Cantonese food, I choose (to eat) from a short list of Bangkok's top five-star hotel's Chinese restaurants due to hygiene measurement and quality of ingredients. Also because of those Chinese chefs (in five-star hotels) are mostly "imported" from Hong Kong while a few from Singapore and Mainland China, to ensure authentication of the cuisine they serve.

One question always wandering in mind, as, where do those Chinese chefs eat after work? I assume they might go to a pub to have a couple of bottles of beer and snack, or sing while they eat at a karaoke, or just eat at their hotels. While I have a chance to chat with (any) Chinese chef, I quest for the answer.

Survey says, Boon Chinese Restaurant on Silom Road near Narathiwas intersection is where they enjoy a late night feast and gathering with fellow chefs after a day of sweat in kitchen.

stir-fried mutton with CN celery; deep-fried and braised tofu in gravy

steamed eggs Canton style
(silky texture as smooth as silk, best that I ever sampled in Bangkok)

steamed live sand goby (bamboo fish) in warm soy sauce

pot baked live frog in CN wine and house sauce; stir-fried sugar peas

Boon Chinese Restaurant 食得福 ***3/4
152/18 Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Open daily : 11 am - 3 am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 600


Fillet-O Fish said...

So this restaurant is the real guy! Looking forward to the food photos.

Stella said...

Yes cannot wait to see the real eating place for chef.

in the sea said...

One of my friend's father has been a chef in a nice Chinese restaurant in HK. I asked my friend where his father goes for dinner and if he cooks the same in the family. I was given a reply "He doesn't cook at home as he said the home kitchen is not like those in the restaurant. Most of all, he likes my mother's cooking but my mother isn't a good cook. Since he is recognized by other restaurants, he would prefer going to some local restaurants or fast food chain or just a bowl of fish ball noodle....".

Stella said...

The steamed egg here looks like our home cooking.
The Live Bamboo Shell Fish is my favorite but kind of expensive here in LA($10 US per lb). Live Tilapia is only $2.99 US per lb.

in the sea said...

Ah... yes, the steamed egg is very home cooking. Those look pretty good. Personally I don't like the heavy brown sauce of the deep fried tofu, but it's very common in Cantonese cooking.

Stella said...

I think you can go these dishes too, or even better.

Tommy Leung said...

Good to know where top chefs eat, so we may follow their foot step to find gourmet HK food. Is Boon closer to a dai-pai-dong flavour?

Stella said...

Hi Tommy Leung,
Sure Boon has the Dai-Pai-Dong feel if not the flavor.

Thailand Club said...

yes, it is definitely dai-pai-dong style food, full scale wok-work, strong taste, and high db noisy ambiance, very old Hong Kong though ..