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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

phad Thai


Phad Thai

Phad Thai is the most popular stir-fried al dente sen-chan noodle dish in Thailand, and also well received in North America.

1. To sample phad Thai in comfort yet authentic taste ensured, Pad Thai Aree is an option.

pad Thai w-tiger prawn B120+; pad Thai raw papaya noodle w-tiger prawn B120+

Pad Thai Aree
LG floor, Erawan Plaza Bangkok
Pratumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.250.7648

Open daily 11 am - 9 pm

2. Pad Thai Tipsamai, since 1966, is the decades famous brand for the locals and tourists. The Samut Sakorn native founder has secret recipe on the sen-chan noodle what pad Thai is. As time goes by, as ingredients may change, as owner doesn't do the cooing anymore, as a result that delicious only lives in memory!

pad Thai with prawn Baht 120

Pad Thai Thipsamai
313 Mahachai Road
Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Tel.: 02.221.6280

Open daily 5:30 pm - 1:30 am (close every other Wednesday)

3. Pad Thai Samsen is well received among local Thai-Chinese community and officers from the Palace and Bank of Thailand.

pad Thai Baht 25

Pad Thai Samsen
512 Samsen Road
Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

Open daily 10 am - 8 pm

4. Nested in the high-so residential Sukhumvit-Thonglo area, Hoi-tord Chao-lay has probably the best pad Thai in the area.

pad Thai with shrimp Baht 55

Pad Thai Hoi-tord Chao-lay Thonglo
22/1 Soi Thonglo
Sukhumvit 55 Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Open daily 10 am - 8 pm

5. If you could not stand for the heat at the non-air-conditioned Hoi-tord Chao-lay Thonglo, then head to the Emporium Mall for some cool air. Kalpapruek on second has nice pad Thai awaiting for your appreciation, in modern comfort.

pad Thai goong sod Baht 120++

Kalpapruek at Emporium
2nd Floor, the Emporium Mall
Sukhumvit Road
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

Open daily 10 am - 9:30 pm


in the sea said...

Does it relate to soi Ari or Aree is just a name like Jim or Robert....etc.? Pad Thai is often my index for how good the Thai restaurant is.

Anonymous said...

it is a branch from the original Pad Thai at Soi Aree, but personally i think the new shop at Erawan is better

btw, the Pad Thai on Soi Aree had been moved, to somewhere near La Villa

TC :)

Stella said...

If this is worth to try please jot down as one of the options.
I like street food and "Dai Pai Dong" as much as I like good restaurant or hotel food.

in the sea said...

Actually these are 2 different atmosphere and taste for eating at a nice environment or an open-air street stall. However, I would like to advise that in many places for those open-air street stalls, you had better avoid eating the prawn, and simply order a plain pad thai with dried shrimp only. No matter how they put those prawns above the ice, the upper part not touching the ice is exposed to a temperature of 30 degree celsius for hours, That's why I like Kalpapruek since the way they take care of the prawn is better. BTW, keeping prawns in fresh - please use some raw sea salt in a bowl filled with 1/3 bowl of cold water (making it taste like double salty of sea water). Then put the prawns in and cover them with lots of ice cubes and put it in the fridge but don't keep it over night. Don't just let the prawn stay in a plastic bag in fridge. I will definitely go to Pad Thai Aree in Erawan mall. Thanks TC.

Stella said...

Thank you Sea for the advice. You are really knowledgeable at cooking related matters. I think you teach more than Ah So does. Ah So spends half of her time to "judd" people.(But I still like her show though.)
Yes Pad Thai is my "must eat" dish at Thai Restaurant.

in the sea said...

However, I just only know some Cantonese cooking method, especially cooking seafood because my grand parents were fishermen. Ah So is very knowledgeable in many other Chinese cuisine. Actually I think she might have been told of some very classic cooking method by her servant but as you know one recipe can turn out 100 different tastes from 100 different people. I really like Susie Wong simply because she is really entertaining and reminding us of some classic dishes.