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Sunday, July 12, 2009

raad na


Raad na

Raad na, wok-fried flat rice noodle in gravy, a Thai-Chinese deli introduced to Siam (now Thailand) by Chinese immigrants almost a century ago.

raw material, and pork raad na Baht 30

To sample rad-na, try this shop:
Raad Na Samsen
250/4 Samsen Road
Banglumpu, Phra Nakhon
Bangkok 10200


Stella said...

I like Pad Na. This is like the wet stir fried flat noodle here. My favorite is Char Siu Pad Na.

in the sea said...

I like it too. This kind of flat noodle reminds me of the "wet" stir fried noodle in Cantonese dishes. The lady in the photo does have a very lovely smile.

Anonymous said...

Stella, it is rad-na


Anonymous said...

Thank you TC for the correction.
By the way, please remember to include the Korean Gingseng Chicken soup that our buddy suggested to bring me last time but I was sick.

Anonymous said...

u would like a ginseng chicken soup in the rad na comment!!

down few posts there is Arirang post