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Friday, July 24, 2009

Thung-Prig Thung-Khing


Heat that screw into our hearts

Some friends complain that those Thai restaurants chosen in our reviews were too tourist-friendly, meaning the food was mild on heat but not spicy enough!

Therefore, for the next few weeks I will show you the color of Thai cuisine.

First one in the roll, Thung-Prig Thung-Khing on Kaset-navamin Highway. It shall pronounce theung-phrik theung-khing. Meaning the heat (can refer to either spicy food or political fight) shall screw into your heart! So, are you ready for a spicy journey?

Thung-Prig Thung-Khing ***
Kaset-navamin Road
Ladprao, Bangkok 10230
Tel.: 02.974.3225

Open daily : 5 pm - midnight
Pay (food only for two): around THB 700

* by the way, readership of this private (yes, for friends only, at least for the time being!) blog hits 100,000 clicks on 24-July-2009, thanks!


Thailand Club said...

in-the-sea, u may ask Sawatt to help translate the name to u!

SS, u may ask ur visiting lawyer to help translate the name to u!


in the sea said...

OK, before asking him, I would guess it means straight (or become) spicy and straight (or become) excellent. Wow.... congratulations over 100k counts! I slept already last night when I hit 99977.... but it's still good to me as 7 is my lucky no.

in the sea said...

Well, I am not sure if my taste for spicy can be too mild but even at a previous post "kuay tiew nam", it can be powerfully hot and spicy if you order the right one. Then re Thai E-sarn posted on may 24, I don't think it's "mild". In general all the posts here are at average to show what's good about cuisine in Thailand. Even for some Thai food, they are not all necessarily hot and spicy. :) If this blog is all about hot and spicy, some others may comment "too many hot and spicy food".

Paranoid Android said...

Hello! Got the link to your lovely blog from in the sea... Still slowly catching up on your older posts, and am amazed that so many places have come up.

I liked all your very honest and neutral comments, especially on Saffron and Benjarong, the doyen of Thai cuisine. And your post on Bussaracum brought back so many happy memories of dining there for the first time, many years ago.

Can I try answering the question on the name of the restaurant? Does it mean enough chillies and ginger?

Stella said...

Congratulations to TC on your 100,000 reader count. This marks a meaningful milestones of your good work, your achievement and also your loyal and supporting friends and readers.
Thank you Thaisclub for this super blog.
Thank you all the readers and friends.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Sea too. Do you know your reader count is my account number(except I have 3 more digits before that).
Patty-Annie Mo

Thailand Club said...

welcome Paranoid Android to my blog, ur guess on Thung-phig Thung-khing is pretty close, at least it is about chilies and ginger; so besides Malay, English and Chinese, u do speak Thai too!!

it is nice to hv more friends love food, ur blog is pretty cool indeed, nice photos too :)

Paranoid Android said...

Dear TC, Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind comments. Yes, it is always a pleasure to gt to know other food bloggers (we call ourselves floggers here).

Maybe the United Nations can make use of Floggers to promote world peace. In order to appreciate food from other countries, we have to understand the culture as well. So far, all the floggers I have met online or in person are very nice and friendly. Ha ha!

I just started photography 2 months ago with a cheap Lumix Compact Camera (LX3)... Need to learn more from you guys.

in the sea said...

Wow, Android, TC also uses LX-3. Both he and I love LX-3. As for myself, if LX-3 came out a year earlier, I wouldn't have bought my Leica D-Lux 3 (LX-2 in Leica version). What a nice term - flogger! I certainly agree and hope Oxford English would put this term in their dictionary, just like they put "walkman" in the same way. Chinese saying "eating is the top priority among all the things in life.". Yes, your blog about food in KL is quite unique, especially on your section of that restaurant off Jalan Bukit (500 meter away) - the RM22 set lunch.

in the sea said...

SS, what a coincidence.... :)

Thailand Club said...

har PA just took photography 2 months? but shooting pretty good angle

yes, i use a LX-3 too, smart and inexpensive machine, love it


Paranoid Android said...

You guys are just too kind.My blog is only 3 months old, and my first outing with the LX3 was my post on 2nd June. The May posts were shot with my nokia N96.

Yes, I thought the LX 3 was lovely too, until I saw a Canon DSLR 40D and 50D at the mall.

But it is so big and bulky, I don't think I can bring it around as the LX 3. What a coincidence. All of us are using the same camera! I guess foodie floggers all share the same wave length!

in the sea said...

Android, LX3 is a superb choice and Panasonic electronic part is excellent plus the leica lens. The F2.0 aperture is double stronger than F2.8, not just counting it's like 0.8 less. Haha, now we turned the subject to camera, but without a good camera, the food may not be reflected in what it should be. :)

in the sea said...

OK, my local Thai friend just taught me quite a detailed lesson of thung prig thung khing. Thung means "reach" (not sure it's same word as "thung by" and that's why I guess "straight or become" as in English meaning from "go". BTW, need to thank TC for the brief Thai word lesson. Though I speak some very few words, all my friends think I am a local when they hear me talk to the taxi driver). So like Android quoted the same prig means chilli and khing means ginger. Thung in this case means "so much" and the whole meaning of this phrase is like "hot and spicy to the bottom of the heart" (Cantonese meaning "辣到入心入肺"). My Thai friend even told me this restaurant is really really hot and spicy and asked me when I went there. They also quoted 555 (extra hot) for this restaurant.

Paranoid Android said...

Wow! That spicy huh? I will have to bring a fire extinguisher when i dine there. :D

Thailand Club said...

yes in-the-sea, theung-phrik theung-khing does suggest the pungent of chilies and ginger reach to the bottom of ur heart or body or all blood vein while eaten

translate from the TH writing of the restaurant name, it is Theung-phrik Theung-khing, and of course it should be the original name in the owner's mind (but didn't know why it took Thung-phig Thung-khing as official)

theung = to reach, to arrive
trong = straight
trong pai = straight ahead

PA, a good picture rely on angle and frame a photographer response to, that's need some gifted talent; photo quality nowadays can seek help from high-tech, and practice more if one insist on manual shooting mode. from ur pics posted, can tell u r good at angle and frame, just like in-the-sea, so at that time i highly encourage Sea to join the group, he start with a DSLR to practice manual shooting and later also on a d-Lux 3 for some convenience

in the sea said...

Thanks TC for the Thai word lesson again. I remember you and my local Thai friends told me just a slight tone/accent change, it would mean totally different.

BTW, just heard from the radio about chilli and Tom Yam, it was on a stastic report that the local Thais eating chilli and Tom Yam would help them from not getting cancer with their digestive system because chilli and Tom Yam can help suppressing cancer cell activity in the digestive system. So those who like this restaurant must be happy to know about it.

About photography, yes, nowadays many compact cameras are already at a very professional camera, especially with the advanced technology of the electronic part. However, DSLR still has its charisma in terms of photo texture. If TC didn't encourage me to buy the 400D, I wouldn't have got to know the inter-relation of shutter, aperture, ISO...etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agreed with you all.
Thank you the three of you for the nice chat of camera and photography lessons here.