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Sunday, February 14, 2010



English Summer on Sukhumvit

There are places in Bangkok where you can enjoy tea and cakes in a setting that is cozy and elegant. But no place likes Agalico that opens only three days a week. The English theme tea house is an ideal destination for friends gathering and lovers dating when they brake for afternoon tea.

The homey interior is toned in white with over-sized sofa in the sitting area, whitewashed rattan tables and chairs on the corner, while outdoor is a lush garden that provides with seats and a pavilion for private meeting.

Agalico carries its house label of teas ranging from oonlong, lavender to apricot and more from other labels. A sip of tea (coffee and chocolate drink also available) with a piece of home-baked pastry such as scone, apple crumble, blueberry cheesecake, and more is truly accessible to classy English afternoon tea feast in the noble like.

accessible to an English afternoon tea treat

Agalico Garden ****
20 Sukhumvit Soi 51
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.662.5857

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only from 10am - 6pm
Pay (afternoon tea for two): around THB 400


Paranoid Android said...

This is beautiful... If the temperature in Bangkok is about 18 to 20 Celsius, it would be perfect! :D It feels like being invited to somebody's house for tea hor?

Thailand Club said...

yes exactly, both about the weather (but i get used to it, and in my view it is much better than HK) and about tea in a friend's house, this is part of the Agalico's charm

Stella said...

This is an elegant and cozy tea house. Maybe you shall bring our good friends there in 2 days.

in the sea said...

I recall this as this was the one you brought the Angel for a tea break, right?

Anonymous said...

Judging from the photos this place is like total European look, no trace of any Thai. If I wasn't been told I 100% think this coffee shop is in Europe. Amazing Bangkok isn't it!

Thailand Club said...

yes Sea, this is the one, and this is the reason the post served on 14th for

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous Feb 15 10:40,
You are so right. This tea house is so European that we almost thought Thailand Club is in France or England.
This also looks a bit similar to Arthur's Lounge in MO-BKK.

Hi TC,
You are really so thoughtful to post this for our beloved Angel.
It would be nice for you guys to go again.
Even nicer if you can bring me here next time.

in the sea said...

Thank you so much. The Angel loved that video much and also the soundtrack on it. She played it many many times. Interesting it's that video might be the last piece of work I did after IMovie used a platform based on Final Cut, and furthermore on the HD coding being incompatible with iMovie. I remember she told me she had such a happy time over there.

Mickey Mouse said...

Mac just make thing works easy became difficult, is this Jobs ego built philosophy? look at him and look at Gates, can tell who is the real genius

Anonymous said...

This sanctuary is ideal for secret meeting.


Henry Lau said...

classy deco... i like it!

Thailand Club said...

mark this down on ur BKK agenda la

Stella said...

That is good.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Unbelievable such a Town and Country showcase in Bangkok.

Thailand Club said...

yes the interior is like a live Town and Country!

in the sea said...

I wanna try that antique camera. :)