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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Cherry Picks 2010


Bangkok Best Palate Service

My Favorite Lunch deal - LE NORMANDIE

For the section of Best Lunch deal, I struggled between a THB 360++ Italian 4-course lunch set vs Normandie's 3-course set at THB 980++. I choose the latter one. Although the price gap is a wide THB 600, but considering the persistence of Normandie's quality, impeccable service, stunning view by the River of the King (Maenam Chaopraya), and retrieving ambiance, I surrender to the Normandie of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok.

Lunch set menu changes every month. All dishes cook and present the same way you would enjoy from the Normandie's dinner offer. So at THB 980++ ($30++) it is considered a steal from the real gourmet scene.

The Normandie
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
48 Oriental Avenue
Soi 40 Charoen Krung Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.659.9000
The Normandie

My Favorite Thai Canteen - SA NGUAN SRI

In Bangkok, there are a few old-fashioned canteens with nostalgic Thai fare as good as your grandparents (if they can cook) home cooking to offer. But only Sa Nguan Sri's air-conditioned dining room is bright and clean without any strange smell to discourage your appetite, and food prepared in a relatively hygienic kitchen. Also the canteen is sited on a convenience downtown location - Wireless Road, that everyone shall not pose any hassle to find it.

There we must not miss the spciy and aromatic green curry, khanom jeen nam ya (thick Thai vermicelli in minced fresh fish dipping), braised five-layer pork and belly with eggs in rich broth, and hor mok bai yor (steam ground river fish curry souffle with bai yor leaves). If you are a somtum lover, then its sweet and sour somtum is what you couldn't afford to miss. Most dishes cost you THB 60-100, only!

Sa Nguan Sri Restaurant
59/1 Wireless Road
Ploenchit, Pratumwan
Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.252.7637

My Favorite Thai Restaurant - THON KRUENG

My friend asked why I pick Thon Krueng as the Best Thai Restaurant, where doesn't serve Bangkok best tomyumgoong (spicy and sour prawn soup). My answer is Thon Krueng, as well as Thailand, has more than just tomyumgoong to offer.

The charm of Thon Krueng laid on its easy and busy ambiance with unpretentiously comfort. Although she doesn't have a single outstanding dish to be named, but all of them are at average quality suitable for all ages and all walks of life. There you encounter a restaurant having you feel like eating at home, within easy access around the town, name that your favorite restaurant too!

Thon Krueng
239 Soi Thonglo
Sukhumvit Road Soi 55
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.391.8703
Thon Krueng

My Favorite Seafood Restaurant - TANG JAI YOO

To choose the Best Seafood joint is challenging, as not only to name a restaurant that I really like, but also I have to choose from a cuisine. Shall it be Western (Lord Jims of Mandarin Oriental Hotel)? Thai (Sompong on Praditmanutham)? Chinese (Ah Yat Forum)? or Thai-Chinese (Tang Jai Yoo)?

When quality meets with the value of money, the verdict read.

Very few reasons I go to the maze-like shabby dirty so-hate Yaowaraj area; a visit to Tang Jai Yoo is one among them. For years, her authentic Tieo-chew o-suan (pan fried oysters with eggs in tapioca flour), or sea crab a la mode, or steam live fish, or stir-fried river prawn with Thai herbs, or even suckling pig has never let me down. Not even once! A feast at Tang Jai Yoo leaving the taste linger into my dream.

However, don't expect you eat with absolute comfort (if refers to your taste buds only, then yes), sometimes you may even have to dine al fresco on the sidewalk (yes that shabby Yaowaraj sidewalk). If the Princess doesn't mind about this, why should we?

Tang Jai Yoo
83-85 Soi Yaowa Panich
Yaowaraj Road
Sampantawong, Bangkok 10100
Tel.: 02.224.2167
Tang Jai Yoo

My Favorite Chinese Yum-cha Joint - CHINA PALACE

Bangkok is the hub of global kitchen. What couldn't be missed is definitely Cantonese yum-cha (or dim-sum lunch).

Prince Palace Hotel, where houses the China Palace Chinese Restaurant, is away from the central business district and tourist area. It is in an area surrounding by wholesale markets (for fruits and garments) and rundown shop-houses.

Two major reasons brought China Palace Chinese Restaurant to the Best Yum-cha list. First, it's view. It is the only restaurant in Bangkok, we manage to take a close panorama view (not by binoculars) of the Grand Palace and 200-year Rattanakosin Island (old Bangkok city), including a view to the Parliament and the UN Building. Second, it's awesome traditional Hong Kong dimsum with good value for money.

Anyone fancy a quality Chinese meal with a view, here is the choice!

China Palace Chinese Restaurant
Prince Palace Hotel
488/800 Bo Bae Tower, 32nd Floor
Damrongrak Road
Klong Mahanak, Bangkok 10100
Tel.: 02.628.1111
China Palace

My Favorite Barbecue Restaurant - KINTAROU

Kintarou Japanese BBQ Restaurant
4/5-7 Sukhumvit Soi 33
Sukhumvit Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02.662.3858

My Favorite Fine Dining Choice - D'SENS

D'Sens French Restaurant
Dusit Thani Hotel
946 Rama IV Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.200.9000

My Favorite Al Fresco Dining - VERTIGO

The Vertigo
Banyan Tree Hotel
21/100 South Sathorn Road
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: 02.679.1200

My favorite Afternoon Tea - AUTHOR'S LOUNGE

The Author's Lounge
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
48 Oriental Avenue
Soi 40 Charoeankrung Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.659.9000
Author's Lounge

My favorite Riverside Dining - BANN KALABOK

Bann Kalabok is an alternative to downtown riverside dining, with choice of an upcountry live river view to a relax within the Metropolitan area. As a bonus, the cuisine is some kind of rare Thai food with ancient recipes (ahan boran).

Overlook the Koh Kret Island in Pak Kret we enjoy a real local riverside scenic, but such experience does cost us a little journey!

Bann Kalabok
Chaeng Wattana Road
Wat Sanam Neua Pier
Pak Kret, Nonthaburi 11120
Tel.: 02.963.5467

My favorite Buffet Bites - LORD JIMS

Arguably best lunch buffet in town, no matter so many hotels try hard to copy her!

Lord Jims

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

48 Oriental Avenue

Soi 40 Charoenkrung Road

Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Tel.: 02. 659.9000

Lord Jims

My favorite Roadside Dining - SAMYAN

Samyan hawkers and shops
along Rama IV Road
section Saphan Lueng, Samyan


Thailand Club said...

my preferred Bangkok's lunch deal - the Normandie 3-course set

do u also hv a favorite lunch deal in Bangkok?

Anonymous said...

So which place is the 360++ set?

Stella said...

Yes, $30 US lunch at Normandie is a bargain for its high end food quality, the good view, the attentive and discerning service, the great dessert.....
I know where is the $360 one too. I have been there.

Mickey Mouse said...

right the THB 360++ set is somewhere in this blog, read 'older' post and u will find it

Stella, it is THB 360++, not $360 (if $360 lunch is a grand price)

in the sea said...

Before my brain gets rusty, I guess that 4-course lunch set is from Beccofino (not sure the exact spelling but that Italian restaurant on Thonglor). That one is an expensive one but 4-course lunch set at THB360 is a big big bargain and which was why TC got hesitant a bit. Normandie has so much lovely and fond memories besides the food and service quality. You can sit there for over 3 hours slowly waiting for each course to be served or asking your friend "take your time" while waiting for him/her by enjoying a mojito or any of their selected cocktail. No need to answer what you are waiting for. That's the true moment of life you are enjoying yourself at Le Normandie. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes where in Bangkok we enjoy slow lunch for over 3 hours but still time fly too fast? So the Normandie shall earn this merit!

Stella said...

Thank you SEA for telling us the name of the $360 Baht 4-course lunch.
I think it is in Thong Lo.

Tommy Leung said...

The Thai vermicelli is interesting. I will try. Thanks TC!

Stella said...

Yes Thon Krueng is good and not too spicy. And thank God no Tom Yum Kung(the hot and sour soup that my stomach cannot take).
I like the chicken there.
And I was told the ice cream is good too but I did not try.

in the sea said...

Thon Krueng is my favourite too! Their ice cream may not be the best but very nostalgic. Most of all, it's not that sweet.

Stella said...

I have too many favorites in BKK now.
In terms of Thai food, next time I want to try the flame big prawn and that is it.

No more new ones otherwise I cannot remember which is which.

Yai said...

p'TC enjoy your Bangkok best Palate so much. Yes, Tang Jai Yoo is a very excellent Chinese restaurant in Yaowarat.

Stella said...

Yes Tang Jai Yoo is very good seafood restaurant but not cheap bor.

Anonymous said...

I think in anywhere if live seafood is concerned, the price won't be cheap. Asians are more willing to pay for live seafood, we don't like dead frozen seafood.


Thailand Club said...

Correct Stella this post is for my Favorite, not the Cheapest in town!

in the sea said...

Yes, especially live catch, those are even more expensive. :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

Yes, line catch live fish is very very expensive. But they are so good.

Stella said...

This China Palace has good food and good price although its appearance looks old.

in the sea said...

Kitarou... goodorf le, in terms of price and quality and the way they grill the sirloin!

Thailand Club said...

right, that's why Kintarou deserves to be my favorite BBQ restaurant, as here not too many restaurants do the barbecue steak right ..

Stella said...

So many favorites that I did not try yet.
But make sure don't bring me to the BBQ and the French one here. The food is this hotel is expensive. For this price I'd rather go to MO's Normandie or Lord Jims.

in the sea said...

BTW, next time let me do the BBQ in Arirang... When I saw them cut that steak in that way, I felt why I shouldn't have stopped her! BTW, I might forget telling you the charcoal used in Arirang and Kitarou are different. The one used in Arirang is the "fast burning" (kind of artificial) one with a round hole in it. The one used in Kitarou is the conventional one (with various shapes). You can smell the difference too (since I hold my BBQ on my rooftop and that's something I found - the charcoal makes a difference.

SS, there are many I haven't tried yet either. Even though I know Vertigo and some others, it's just sometimes a "passing by" chance. :)

Thailand Club said...

that's what make Kintarou's BBQ shines, as they use traditional (real) charcoal; and don't forget the rib eye cut is only THB380 while Arinang is THB550 per piecew while Kintarou one had better quality

well well even me, i hv a long list of restaurants to visit and re-visit, this is a real never ending fun

Stella said...

That is why Thailand is really a paradise for all the fancy gourmets on earth. There is endless good food, endless fun under the sun in BKK.
I just had dinner with the French chef tonight at "Thai Paradise"(on Las Tunas, Alhambra). He liked the food very much and his wife said he ate double tonight. He also said the price was good(9 dishes plus soup and 2 beers & one iced tea for $115 US including tax).
I told him if he thinks the food tonight is good(and cheap), then wait till he goes to BKK....
The 9 dishes are:
1) "White Cloud" chicken feet salad(ordered by chef's wife).
2) "Tung Choi" with red chili(ordered by wife as no "Tung Choi" in France).
3 & 4) Satay chicken and satay beef(ordered by French Chef).
5) Crab meat fried rice(ordered by friend).
6) Soft leg crab(ordered by Chef).
7) BBQ chicken(ordered by me).
8) Stuffed chicken wing(ordered by me).
9) Fish cake(ordered by me).
Soup: Tom Yum Kung(ordered by Chef)
Do you know what we shall ordered but forgot to?

Mickey Mouse said...

well u guys forgot green curry ..

Stella said...

You are correct. We forgot the curry dish la.

in the sea said...

Stella, according to my local Thai friend, the no. 1 dish is not a Thai dish. I think it's kind of a HK adapted version. Re Morning Glory, it's a tropical veggie and it's considered as a "low class" veggie in some Countries and treated that as unwanted. Mmh.. why no pad thai and somtam.. haha my favourite but the most symbolic Thai dishes.

So 2 on TC's cherry pick's chart are from MO BKK. AGREED!

Thailand Club said...

well well if the Normandie dinner doesn't require us to wear a suit (or at least a jacket) and if the other side of the river has stunning lighting by night except just dead dark view, the best fine dining choice may go to her too :)

Stella said...

No Pad Thai because JP(the French chef) said no when I asked.
No Som Tam because I did not ask. What is this? If this is salad then Lily already picked the "White
Cloud" chicken feet salad already.
JP called to say "bye" tonight as he is flying back tomorrow morning. I told him we missed the curry dish(which was his intention to go for Thai Restaurant)so he has to come again next year.

in the sea said...

I see.. Som Tam is Papaya salad, but I don't think you like it. So JP got a reason to come back. Good.

Re Bann Kalabok, I remember we spent quite some time to get here and the view is superb. Pak Kret - what a memory.

Thailand Club said...

okay meanwhile JP can eat some nice curry in my blog :)

in the sea said...

All right.. this is it Lord Jim's. 3 at MO BKK! 實至名歸 (well deserving)!

Stella said...

Yes I told JP and Lily to view both of your blogs. I told them all the French food I ate in BKK(such as Normandie ,Lord Jims, Philippe, Red Light Zone, Lenotre..) are surprisingly good and they shall go to BKK for some crossover. Also go to HK to compare notes too. They said they would like to as both these 2 places have good French food.
By the way, JP flew to Russia earlier to cook for them at French Embassy.

Fillet-O Fish said...

These places are where I am going to dine. Soon!