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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hua Pla Tang Lao Yee


More Than Just Fish Head

Long before Bangkok's epicurean scene sprawling all over the city, Samyan was the center of gourmet for gourmets. C.B.D. white collars and well-off Chula students pick those seafood restaurants in Samyan market (moved last year) and high-so Thai-Chinese foodies visit those no-frills pochana for a real feast.

Hua Pla Mor Fai Tang Lao Yee Samyan (Samyan Fish Head Hot-pot) is the one in business since my grandpa era and still standing strong no matter in years so many hua-pla mor-fai imitations have being raised in the city. Since my first visit almost 15 years ago its food quality always live up to my expectations (if not better), thanks to the owner's one-shop policy.

1. yum pla muek (spicy herbs salad with squid) - squid so fresh, dressing spicy but the heat and sour well balanced with subtly sweet, herbs yield nice aroma, good starter
2. satay pork - marinated pork (with spices and milk) is so tender (but not soft, just tender), another simple but good starter at Hua Pla Mor Fai Tang Lao Yee Samyan

3. hua-pla mor fai (fish head hot pot) Thai Baht 200 - the tomyum clear broth is excellent, a chef friend told me that Thai dishes shall be cooked with a proper balance of 5 basic elements of taste, proper measure of chili in harmony with other ingredients become essential in Thai cooking, not just as spicy as one can take; here the Thai-CN version is mild on heat, all spices and seasoning were well balanced, our tongue doesn't get burn therefore we can enjoy the flavor of the fish head without overwhelming by chilies
4. the spicy dip, soul of most Thai dishes

the wooden table base (legs) and chairs tell the shop has a history!

5. barbecue scallop with Hua Pla Mor Fai Samyan house recipe marinated pork Baht 250
6. sea bass in chili and lime sauce Baht 350
, sea bass very fresh, good seasoning sauce yield excellent spicy, salty and sour taste in harmony

7. stir -fried kale with crispy pork
8. baked glass-noodle with prawn in tin-pot Baht 300

Hua Pla Mor Fai Tang Lao Yee ***1/2
241 Chula Soi 11
off Rama 4 Road
Pratumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.215.4356

Open daily: 5 - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 800


Rangsit said...

Hi there,
studying for 6 months in BKK, this page ist really excellent.
Ive tried some of the reviewed locations and was really glad about the recommendation.
Just wanted to say thank u for the good work !!

Yai said...

I ate this restaurant before, it is really everything good food. But this restaurant is not cheap in price na!

Thailand Club said...

khun Rangsit, glad to hear that the food blog is of good help to ur dining pleasure

even if some reviews may not be agreed to all, but i am strict to truth-only non-advertorial reviews

appreciated u like the blog!

Stella said...

Glad to see another good place for good food.
Yes my friends said this blog and SEA's are the best indicator of good food on earth.

in the sea said...

Something classic and good to know that the owner maintains to run one shop only. I noticed the dishes are not very oily, especially the last few ones.

Thanks for briefing about the historical background of this place. Learning more about the place would help you understand why and how come now these would be.

I like the table and chairs a lot!

Stella said...

Happy New Year to you all.
Wish you all the best in Year of the Tiger.
Happy Valentine's Day too.

Tommy Leung said...

Samyan is not far from the hotel I always stay. The fish head hot pot and lime chili sea bass are what I will try next time.

Wish all of you a prosperous Chinese New Year! And TC good health and wealth!

Thailand Club said...

same u Tommy good health good fortune in the year of tiger!

sure u will like Samyan's fish head hot pot, don't miss this one on ur next trip to the land of gourmet


Anonymous said...

So this is the place to eat fish head with other tasty food, not just fish head eatable but other dishes taste junk. Thanks TC!

Thailand Club said...

right this is the place not only fish head is eatable, but other dishes r sucks (i know where do u refer to), u know survival in Samyan is not easy, not necessary cheap (as customers even students r all high-so), but must be good

Fillet-O Fish said...

Aiyo don't bring me to eat fish head, but, I like the pork satay and lime sea bass.

Thailand Club said...

i will ask ur baby cook u fish head everyday :)