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Friday, February 05, 2010



Since 1877

Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisine. In recent years
sashimi (raw fish) is no valentine's to me, therefore I go for the subtle taste cooked food that made Japan cuisine shine and fly.

I like baked rice. No matter it is Hong Kong's clay-pot-baked rice or Japanese tin-pot-baked rice (
Kamameshi), I love them all. Uta-andon is where I can enjoy kamameshi in Bangkok, also (almost) one of the cheapest deal, and of course authentic.

I don't like
udon (Japanese round-thick wheat flour noodle). Uta-andon's conquers me. Indeed movie director Mikio Naruse's 1943 movie "Uta-andon 哥行燈" that based on the novel of famous novelist Kyoka Izumi after the name of the restaurant was inspired by the delectable Uta-andon's udon. A visit to Uta-andon without a bowl of its fresh-made udon in dashi, shoyu and mirin broth is no complete with a meal.

Founded 1877 in Japan, Uta-andon arrived to Bangkok in 1992, has more than kamameshi and udon to offer.

Uta-andon Japanese Restaurant 哥行燈

Emporium branch ****

3rd Floor, the Emporium Shopping Complex

622 Sukhumvit Road

Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

Tel.: 02.664.8528

Open daily: 11am - 9:30pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,000

Isetan branch ***
6th Floor, Isetan Department Store

4/1 Rajdamri Road

Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Tel.: 02.255.9800

Open daily: 11am - 9pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,000



Fillet-O Fish said...

Japanese pot-baked rice, interesting!

Anonymous said...

You do like Japanese food Mr. Writer.


in the sea said...

I guess this branch of Emporium is better than that one of Isetan. I used to go to the Emporium branch 7-8 years ago. Goodorf!

Michael said...

true, i think the Emporium branch do much better than the Isetan one

Anonymous said...

I tried the baked rice in AOI before, but never go to Uta-andon. Will go next time.


Yai said...

Uta-andon has delicious grilled prawn and squid, with garlic. Last time I ate at the Isetan shop with Charles.

Anonymous said...

Next time go to Thailand I know where to eat kamameshi baked rice.

in the sea said...

Besides baked rice, their bento and tempura are nice too. :)

Thailand Club said...

Sam, AOI quality is not as good as usual, and the kamameshi is quite expensive; next time u try Uta-andon la, and u will never go back to AOI

yes, Uta-andon tempura and bento set (good price) and grilled stuffs r very good

btw, Kabuki's stone-pot baked eel rice is good too, both good quality and price; need to notice that the Paragon branch is doing better than the Central World branch


Fillet-O Fish said...

AOI? Still there?

Thailand Club said...

yes tough suppose not to, the Silom Soi 6 is worse than Mc, but the Emporium branch is still okay quality