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Sunday, February 21, 2010



Roti and Mataba

Banglamphu's Phra Athit Road is where restaurants keep changing hand; however, opposite the Prasumain Fortess a Thai-Muslim roti joint remains a landmark for decades.

Roti-Mataba is named after two of the restaurant's best selling items - roti and mataba. Also available and good are massaman curry, green curry (during Rama V regime, green curry served with roti were so fashionable among the nobles), samosas, khao mok gai and fish cakes.

mataba in banana fillings

Roti-Mataba ****
136 Phra Arthit Road
Banglamphu, Phra Nakon, Bangkok
Tel.: 02.282.2119

Open daily (except Monday): 7am - 8pm
Pay (food only): around THB 250 for two


Stella said...

Something new again.
Never ending exotic food in BKK.
I like Roti a lot.

Tommy Leung said...

I watch many local people like to eat green curry with roti.

Thailand Club said...

try the mataba, it is more delicious (over roti)

Stella said...

I like green curry too.
And I like to eat curry dipped with French Roll Piggy Bread(in the Vietnamese Restaurant).

Fillet-O Fish said...

This little restaurant near Khao San Road is pretty unique and good. After too much spicy salad and tumyumgoong, a meal switch to roti is a real treat.

in the sea said...

Yes, I was also told about the same the roti with green curry once being very popular in the old time. I guess I might have passed by this area only once or twice. :)