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Thursday, January 07, 2010



Affordable Alpine Delicacies in Bangkok

When we think of Swiss cuisine, we probably think of cheese. When we think of cheese in Bangkok, we probably think of Chesa, arguably the only successful Swiss cuisine present in Bangkok - authentic and enthusiastic.

raclette kase Baht 520++

melting raclette cheese pour onto a baby potato

spatzli; and our share of melted raclette on a baby potato

Chesa is not just about cheese, it has a full menu of Alpine delicacies on offer. We sampled the bundnerteller of which consisting of pickled vegetables, quality air dried beef and excellent salami, though dry-cured ham is of supermarket standard. The spinach ravioli swimming on sea of brown butter with appealing lemon thyme is aromatic and sinfully aroi (delicious). To conclude the meal, I had vermicelles of chestnut, one of my most favorite desserts whether it is prepared in Japanese or Swiss recipes.

1. bundnerteller (air dried beef, dried ham, and salami) Baht 350++
2. spinat ravioli (spinach ravioli & lobster tail in butter lemon thyme) Baht 350++

3. gratinated lobster & Pacific scallop Baht 530++
4. braised veal cheek Baht 480++

5. vermicelles (chestnut) Baht 280++; 6. chocolate fondue Baht 520++

Chesa Swiss Cuisine Restaurant ***1/2
5 Sukhumvit Soi 20
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02.261.6650

Open daily: 11 am - 11 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,800


in the sea said...

Haha... that reminded of something. Actually one of my high school classmate (from mainland China) read the Oxford dictionary page by page but the amazing part is that he can really have all the words in his mind. I think he is the first generation of human computer before any IBM or macbook or even google... However, he overestimated himself by condemning the English teacher for not even knowing some words he knew. The English teacher then told him to read South Morning Morning Post instead of Oxford's dictionary though. The self-esteem just drove him to another road to a vertical culture of vocabulary. From this post, you can read some words like bureau, privates...etc. If their vocabulary is not strong, these words might not be used. They might just write "child paper chicken" for Spring Chicken...

Stella said...

I kind of doubt are all these true? As the French Toast it is hard to translate this way.
The "Spring Chicken" is possible, the "Collect Silver" is possible, but the French Toast really does not make sense.
May be part of these are made up.

Anonymous said...

Stella, does anything making sense under Beijing administration?

Stella said...

Beijing administration huh, that means it can be very "creative".

in the sea said...

Yes, you may need to think vertically like I explained how they consider reading dictionary over English grammar and usages. Last night I watched a TV special that some apples were put on a a Sunkist sticker to pretend it's from the States.... So later on we would see a Washington's Apple sticker on an orange.

Anonymous said...

everything (stupid and crazy) can happen there :(

Stella said...

Har, that is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Chinese in China are riduculous.

in the sea said...

They all look good. Wow Alpine delicacies sound tempting!

Fillet-O Fish said...

It is unbelievable that Bangkok has such nice Swiss treat. I believe that Thailand is the centre of gourmet paradise.

Stella said...

I cannot believe BKK has all kinds of food from countries all over the world. Even Old Town Pasadena does not have any Swiss Restaurant. BKK really has everything. What a paradise.

Thailand Club said...

my dear, Bangkok is an international city na while Pasadena is just a local city in California :) hahaha

Anonymous said...

Cheese and Swiss in Bangkok, very interesting. Thanks TC for the report.


Anonymous said...

Really amazing Thailand and amazing blog!

in the sea said...

Yes, that's why we won't get bored with each time we go to Bangkok.

Stella said...

Yes Bangkok is like a gold mine to be discovered, explored, and appreciated.