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Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Laid-back Afternoon by the River

Isn't an easy brunch by the river of the King would be a smart alternative to those mall dining?

Here, the Verandah may make your afternoon so laid-back!

The Verandah Coffee Shop ****
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
48 Oriental Avenue
Soi 40, Charoen Krung Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.659.9000

Open daily: 9am - 11pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 2,000


in the sea said...

Yes, it's a nice retreat from the busy and crowded malls. I noticed quite a lot of customers ordered their burgers. May need to try it later.

William said...

Verandah is the most wonderful coffee shop in the world.

Anonymous said...

The breakfast on the Terrace is excellent. Will try this coffee shop also, soon.


Anonymous said...

I think the MO in BKK is better than the one in HK although that one is good too but more costly.

Yai said...

My friend love to read book by the coffee shop. Verandah menu has good Western food, Thai food and Asian food. I like the pad Thai here.

Stella said...

Yes MO-BKK is the best in terms of quality, price, service, and environmental. No one does it better.

Tommy Leung said...

The oxtail wrapped in a cabbage and lamb served with Mediterranean rice (I don't know the name of this rice) are so unique. Can't believe that a coffee shop have such good quality food.

I never eat at this coffee shop, shall try next time.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Brunch by the river, what an indulging afternoon!

in the sea said...

That's what we call "enjoy life". :)

Fillet-O Fish said...

Yes next time I will take the indulgence offer with this cozy brunch, and the fish feeding breakfast at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Stella said...

Hi Fish Burger,
So you know of the fish feeding bonus program at MO Breakfast too huh. A "must try" Fish Burger.

"Nobody does it better(than MO), makes me feel bad for the rest."