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Friday, January 01, 2010

start 2010 with complimentary hotel voucher

Happy New Year to friends all over the planet!

After years of sharing Bangkok's gourmet scene in the blog, I feel that more friends may be benefited from my database if I move a step forward in 2010. No matter what Thaisclub is going to bring in, I guarantee that "no advertorial contents" is always in mind and I am strict to this principle.

The new format (but same sincere face) will be rolled out sometimes during the year, stay tuned!

To follow Thaisclub every move neck by neck, you may Facebook me. About Twitter? Of course I am there! You can also find me in Hi5.

Thank you for your support to my food blog since 2006!

We wish you with ultimate pleasure while touring in Thailand!

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Thailand Club said...

all counts by its individual Google ID; if u choose Anonymous, pls write ur name at the bottom

when u comment as an Anonymous, we urge u use an unique name; e.g. if u r Mike, pls don't just write "Mike", instead u may sign as Mike with ur last name (e.g. Mike Li) or Mike with ur nick name (e.g. Mike the mickey mouse)

if two (or more) persons claim they r "that" same person, conflict occur, ur counts void

so pls use an unique name to comment if u don't hv a Google ID

enjoy the fun!
enjoy the food!

Henry Lau said...

yay! we will be the one to get it ! yay yay!

Yai said...

Count me too!

Btw p'TC, do you mean those reach 100 counts will be ok to a lucky draw to get the prize on July 1?

Stella said...

This is really fun. I think lots of people will have more than 100 counts.
Please make sure I am Stella or SS too.

Thailand Club said...

welcome Henry u got ur 1st count, still 99 to go

Yai, there is no lucky draw, instead a contest/game on July 1; congratulations u got ur 1st one, and still 99 to go

Stella, we count by EACH individual ID, no combination, as the software do the counting don't know who is who; so u may stick to "Stella" in ur Google account, or use SS, Party Animal, ur house pet, and Hello Kitty in Anonymous, but each name we need 100 counts individually; ur above ID is Stella, so we hv that count as ur 1st count, congratulations, now 99 to go under "Stella"

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is fun. Count me in.


PAul Chau said...

can i have four seasons or sukhothai

in the sea said...

Support, but its about facebook, I would skip it. :)

William said...

Aha, me too me too. I want Mandarin Oriental!

Anan said...

This must be fun! We love your blog TC!

Richard said...

OK, I like MO, but I will settle for AG or VIE or Center Point.
98 to go now. :)

Thailand Club said...

welcome SAM MK, Paul Chau, Sea, William, Anan and Richard, to qualify the early-bird-contest for a hotel voucher, u need another 99 constructive comments in 6 months

comment in previous posts count as long as the time stamp is after 01-Jan-2010 14:22

thaisclub said...

i checked from other posts

Stella, u hv a total of 3 constructive comments since Jan 1 14:22 (this is separate from Richard)

And Sea, u already hv 2

Michael said...

This is a great game isn't it?

Stella said...

Oh TC,
Just forgot to tell auntie Pauline, Eva and David Sun greeted you HNY today.
They always asked me to extend their regards to you.


Fillet-O Fish said...

This is something really thing and I will comment here more, though not for the voucher.

Stella said...

I will comment more both for the comments, the fun and also for voucher though.
I think for sure SEA and I will win.
Well, TC, you can exclude me at the end if I win. I don't want to cut throat(no enemy is the most lonely) so I don't want to be lonely. Ha Ha Ha.

Stella said...

OK. I change my mind. If I win please still include me. But I would like to donate my voucher to another reader at my choice.
Whoever can show the most charm to me through "constructive" and good comments here.

in the sea said...

SS, in Cantonese, you are 坐亞望冠. Congratulations in advance.

BTW, I noticed there are more and more very nice hotels and resorts throughout the whole Thailand. Really amazing Thailand coming up and let's go for more amazing journeys with more amazing food recommended on this blog.

Thailand Club said...

Sea don't congratulate Stella too early, 100 counts of comment is only the ticket to the contest on July 1

in the game those turtle ninja garfield hello kitty astro boy avatar cannot help her :) hahahahaha

u know why 3 prizes, there is a reason, will let everyone know on June 1 about the contest details

like my V.VIP tour, it must be FUN FUN!

Stella said...

Yes TC, you are the fun fun tour under the sun.
I think me and SEA will get qualified easily. One comment per day already exceed 100 counts la.
As I said yesterday, if I win I may donate my luck to another designated person at my choice.
Come on readers, show your charm la.

in the sea said...

It's my plot for Stella to underestimate the other contestants (輕敵)....

Stella said...

Come on come on be my guest.
I don't want to win so easily.
No enemy is so lonely. LOL.

in the sea said...

Think you ned a mojito to cool down a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

yeh offer her a mojito with some sand like brown sugar

Anonymous said...

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