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Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Greek at Silom

One of my friend from Athens also once a regular visitor to Thailand complains several times that Bangkok is almost off-limits in Greek cuisine in a "convenience" location, thus he gave up his trip to Bangkok since few years ago.

Never too late for some good news, finally Bangkok has one in the heart of where he hangs out day and night, Silom Soi 4.

country salad Baht 130+; pita bread (with imported ingredients) Baht 30+

eggplant dip Baht 110+

Souvlaki space

souvlaki pork giros Baht 110+; lamb leg Baht 480+

moussaka Baht 280+

If you have never eaten in a Greek restaurant before, need not panic as the food is quite familiar to ours (though name is different). Souvlaki, consisting of pita bread wrapper in pork giros, tomato, onion and yogurt sauce, the Greek version of hot dog or shawarma. Moussaka is layers of aubergine (eggplant) and ground meat topped with bechamel sauce, baked. Seems it is the Greek version of lasagna. So aren't they familiar to you? Simply they all come from the Mediterranean family.

Souvlaki Greek Grill **3/4
114/14 Silom Soi 4
Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.632.9967

Open daily: 10am - 1am
Pay (food only for two): around THB 1,000


Stella said...

Your friend from Athen still wanted to eat Greek food in Thailand?
Please poison him with other good foodsssss, such as MO's Lord Jims.

in the sea said...

I guess it's like some Chinese, after taking a 15 hour flight out of their place, still want some Chinese food, e.g. a good example from my Chinese business fellow looking for Chinese food in Cannes...

Stella said...

I guess so.
Just like I have to eat Chinese Dim Sum and Thai Food in Vegas.

Michael said...

different la, u r a-mo already, not a visiting guest

:) hahaha

Fillet-O Fish said...

There is no video Mr. TC!!

Thailand Club said...

fish burger now u get some pics instead of video :)