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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lord Jims festive brunch


Bangkok's Best Lunch Buffet

It is rare that I repeat a review. Forgive me that I have to. Lord Jims just worth for more credit after I enjoyed so much during last week Festive Sunday brunch with friends from four nations.

To run a buffet, they don't need to offer an army of junk instead some quality food people really want to eat. Like lobster, rock lobster, crab claw, prawn, river prawn and crayfish are all available in Lord Jims' last week Sunday seafood brunch, happened to be what I am so crazy about. The regular selections of just-arrived oysters from France, US water and Australia, ultra fresh sushi and sashimi are of course the all time favorites among Lord Jims buffet.

The roasted meat, I used to complain about now has great improvement. Pan fried fioe gras, grilled rock lobster, meat stew, tenpura and Thai delicacies are still available.

Desserts in Lord Jims buffet is always on the winning position so there is nothing to worry and to write about. Just eat! And eat more!

Lord Jims Festive Sunday brunch doesn't force you to drink, price is Baht 1,800 net (regular lunch buffet Baht 1,220++ during weekdays and brunch B1,350++ during weekends)

Lord Jims Seafood Restaurant ****
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
48 Oriental Avenue
Soi 40, Charoen Krung Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
MO-BKK Lord Jims

Open daily:
Lunch (buffet and a la carte) 12 noon - 2:30pm;
Sunday brunch 11:30 am - 3:30 pm; Dinner (set and a la carte) 7pm - 11pm
Pay (food only for two): expect THB 7,000 (a la carte)


Paranoid Android said...

Lucky you. Nothing in KL nor Raffles in Singapore can match the opulence and ambiance of the Restaurants at the Oriental. I have been in KL for 2 years, but believe me, not a day goes by without me thinking of the wonderful time I had in Bangkok. Here is to a beautiful and meaningful New Year, and may all good things come to you!

Thailand Club said...

easy la, take a 3-month vacation in Bangkok lor :)

Stella said...

Hi Paranoid Android:
You are so right. MO-BKK tops all other high-end hotels and makes the other MOs look bad.
Just like MO in Vegas, cannot compare with Mo-BKK at all. The cheapest restaurant in MO-Vegas is the Chinese dim sum lunch buffet with $65 US each person for some junk dime sum only.
If for this kind of Lord Jims feast type high quality seafood buffet, at least $100 US per person. Even $100 US may not be as good. I am not kidding at all.

My friends just came back "Ma Ma Sang" from Aria Hotel in Vegas.
I told them to try Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant as it is relatively cheap compared to others so they did. They ordered those dishes shown on my previous photos and ended up spending $50 US per person($300 for 6 adults and one 9-year old no appetite kid). They had no wine(just Thai ice tea). They said the portion is so small and they are still hungry after lunch. Please be reminded this restaurant is considered cheap inside Aria Hotel/City Center already.

Stella said...

Hi TC,
Almost forgot, my reporter friend from HK said she is very scared of your blog and also SEA's. As both of your blogs have super photo skill and high-tech effects. (She is Ah Mo reporter of my age.)
Also she said your English is better than average College students from HK. She said she cannot believe Thai people can write English so well. Then of course I corrected her. Then she is embarrassed. :)

William said...

Lord Jims buffet is exactly for me!

KKay said...

Nice pictures, a very tempting treat.

I have heard that Lord Jims has this buffet everyday right?

Happy New Year TC!

in the sea said...

Har... Festive brunch at B1,800 net. Do they laundry money? The variety of raw oysters even can't make it! Don't know why I couldn't read your blog for the past 2-3 days until now.

I have been poisoning all of my friends and family members with this buffet. Every time when we talk about this, it would then be an endless topic.

BTW, not only the seafood and dessert are good, but also the chilled green and salad and various breads.

Thailand Club said...

learn from CN, maybe JP censor blog (esp. good food blog! hehe) they afraid people tempted to eat overseas :) hahaha

oh yes, greens, Lord Jims use Royal Project organic stuffs

last week brunch everything was prefect, u know i only say base on fact, for a year i complain their hot food station and beef, but must admit they improve, the roasted prime rib was of very good quality, even i ask them to brown it to well done (on purpose) then it came out the meat is still tender, so the quality of that piece of roast must be of very high quality

on that day, LJ offers (real) lobster salad, yummy yummy

all seafood is of ultra fresh quality, Phuket lobster on offer until 2pm then the crab claw, yabbies/crayfish unlimited suppy

the foie gras pate is full of flavor, best to go with those bread u love

everything that afternoon is prefect, we feel like eating in a paradise

well but it is festive brunch, don't know if the normal brunch has this quality or not!!

although these days all 5-star roll out Sunday brunch, but still Lord Jims is the original and the best value one

Fillet-O Fish said...

This is exactly what I want to eat. I am a seafood and fish person. I am the fillet-O-fish.

Stella said...

Yes the Lord Jims Festive Buffet is too good and too cheap. Next time I will tell them to increase the price so as not to make all of us feel so jealous.
Yes BKK is the heaven. And MO-BKk is heaven of the heaven. After the visit of MO at first sight, I am in love with it. And I tell my friends in LA you don't need to be christian to go to heaven. You just need to go to BKK.
Thank you TC. Also thank you SEA for introducing MO-BKK to us. This is just cocaine. :)

Yai said...

Seems aroi lor. But B1,800 is a lot for local people na!

in the sea said...

Yes, there are indeed a few times Lord Jim's has dropped some quality but that's comprehendible as "one without any competitor is very lonesome". :) Furthermore, even at some quality drop, in fact everyone we have brought them to Lord Jim's still find it the best. My friends even asked me to help them book for the Lord Jim's buffet before their trips to BKK. So you would know how poisonous it is.. :)

Tommy Leung said...

Last X'mas trip I also ate Lord Jims with my family. I think it is best a buffet. HK$300 only. Cheaper than Hong Kong same buffet. I didn't see lobster, but other food is very good. I ate many oyster and sashimi. Very fresh and sweet. Goose liver is very good, in Hong Kong expensive.

Michael said...

okay after food quality improved, i will go back to Lord Jims brunch

Henry Lau said...

Lord jims fans here!!!

Stella said...

Lord Jims is still the best even if it further drops the quality.
This is only Vegas buffet price where the quality cannot compare to Lord Jims at all. May be only half as good with the same price.
Next time I shall tell them to increase the price a bit. Too cheap for its high quality.
Yes SEA, we have to thank you very much for your "poisons".

Stella said...

Hi TC,
Small type on the word dessert.
No big deal though.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best buffet in the world. I remember it was B850++ back to 10 years ago. And price increase B50 every year. Now Baht 1,400++ still a very good price.

Just look at the River of King is already a treat!



Anonymous said...

We think to try another buffet this time. But after reading your blog, we will eat here again in Lord Jims. Will call you when we arrive. /Angel Chan

in the sea said...

BTW, not only has the food quality been no. 1, but also their overall services! Don't forget the raw salt and pepper on the tiny shells on the table. They are so good to go with your sashimi. Try it instead of the soy sauce. Also, try their flat rice noodle in soup!

Mickey Mouse said...

you really poisoning them :) haha

George said...

Agree service in Lord Jims is No. 1 of No. 1!

Few years ago when Bangkok offers less choice in buffet lunch/brunch, Lord Jims is a must eat in itinerary. Now sometimes we try some new hotels, so we compare, and we conclude Lord Jims the best.


Stella said...

Yes Lord Jims is the best.
And MO-Bkk is the best.

Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said...

well i think everyone praise on Lord Jims buffet with a good reason, they eat and they enjoy the food so much!

for Stella, i think she is the fan of fans of Lord Jims; who will just pay but almost not eat (yes that day i brought Stella there she had a flu and couldn't eat too much, she just ate some greens, some sweets; she look at Chris and me eating) but still love the buffet so mcuh? therefore in this case Stella is the winner of die-hard Lord Jims fans award of the century


hahaha :)

Stella said...

Yes even just some greens and dessert I already enjoyed Lord Jims so much and think it is worth it. And no need to mention those who can eat like a pig such as Chris.

in the sea said...

Har... then if Stella eats all the other food, she may have written a book about Lord Jim's buffet. :)

Anonymous said...

no; instead she will move to live in MO and work there :) hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow so beautiful photos, I want to see Lord Jims buffet!

Stella said...

Yes. If I ate all the foods at Lord Jims, I would work as their kitchen so that I can eat free meals everyday.

Stella said...

My friend said your photo/slide presentation here is more than those reporters.

Yai said...

Yes, p'TC always show lots of nice and clear pictures on those dishes.

Stella said...

Very impressive, MO, Lord Jims, the good food and the good slide show.
I have introduced your blog and SEA's to more people lately, including 2 reporters and one studio photographer.

Fillet-O Fish said...

I also show your blog to my good friend in web business. He said the content is so fruitful. Maybe one day we may publish your blog. Who knows!

Philip said...

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