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Monday, June 21, 2010



The great American cough syrup

During college years, one blue night with tears in my eyes, I landed at a fast food restaurant in British Columbia, stayed for a while, then left the shop with smile, slept well that night. Since then, A & W Restaurant had walked through many blue nights with me in the old school days.

A & W root beer and friend chicken, the comfort food in need, and a friend in time!

A & W Restaurant ***
Silom Complex Shopping Plaza
191 Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel.: 02.231.3120

Open daily : 10 am - 9 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 300


Stella said...

This is so touching and sentimental.
So A&W is more than a cough medicine, and this is also your good friend and spiritual support huh.

As to me, my good friend and spiritual support is: all the good food, junk food, ice cream, coke, bread, shopping, dining, dancing, music, singing, playing ping pong, TV, sleeping, movie, working and some social work too.

Stella said...

Those were before, and now is only working and reading your blogs and emails from good friends. The others are no more.

Michael said...

well u should continue playing ping pong and badminton once a month (at least) and sing karaoke :-)

in the sea said...

Your story simply told what I told my friend about his worrying his mother getting the "old man forgetful" sickness. He mentioned his mother doesn't remember what she ate last night but could remember how much she paid for a dress 40 years ago. I simply told them in our growing days or in our first few encountering of some new things or something getting us some unforgettable memories, it would be sealed in our brains like storing in hard disk. The meal for an old person is repeated every day and nothing new for them to be impressed. It's easy not to remember what was taken yesterday. So for this posting, it's all because A&W comforted TC in time at his special days in B.C. So there are many first times for everyone and such are so deep in our mind and hearts.

Remember the first time we ate ice cream, the first time we drank milk and the first time we got on an airplane...etc., but would we remember if we drank milk 3 days ago?

I kind of like A&W root beer though I still prefer not drinking sweet drink.

Thailand Club said...

root beer is my most loved soft drinks though i still prefer drinking water

Stella said...

You are right. That is why we remember the old things better than the recent things.
And that is why baby in the first 3 years learns things the most. Also, the first 18 years of our life is the most unforgettable experience.
Simple proof: I am still attached every thing in HK so much although my stay in HK is only 18 years; however it is the first 18 years of life and therefore the bonding is profound. This is my root.

in the sea said...

So that's why before we become forgetful (or more forgetful), we need to write down something. BTW, we need to have more new things to stimulate ourselves and so to move on.

Fillet-O Fish said...

Deep ocean fish has omega-3 and 6, that's help! So eat more fish but don't eat me, fillet-O-fish.

in the sea said...

All right. got it. Skip you, as we like eating a whole fish, not filet. :)

Thailand Club said...

don't worry fish burger, no one would like to eat shark :)