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Friday, June 11, 2010

CP Langsuan Coffee Shop


A friend away from home

There is a restaurant, food is okay although not distinctive, when price factor taken into account there wins the top prize as a good family restaurant in the area.

There I spent many afternoon alone or with associates while I did my first luxury condo project in Bangkok, there I spent countless lunch while I resided on Soi Langsuan, there I started my travel business by signing my first agency contact with the Centre Point Apartments Group, and most important is there I found memory of smile and chatting with friends, including p'Ning.

There, the Coffee Shop at Centre Point Serviced Apartments Langsuan, a revisit to her last night was like seeing an old friend being known for decades, so warm!

1. spicy glass-noodle Thai salad (yum wunsen)
2. red curry with beef

3. fried flat rice noodles in gravy (rad-na)
4. stir-fried kale with crispy pork

5. pan-fried sea bass with white sauce
6. pork cutlet on Japanese rice (ka-tsu don)

The Coffee Shop **1/2
Centre Point Serviced Apartments, Langsuan
60 Soi 1, Langsuan Road
Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.657.2400
Centre Point

Open daily : 6 am - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500
*Mon - Fri super-value lunch set at around THB 150 per set


in the sea said...

Very touching writing and treasurable. Soi Langsuan has also meant so much to me. I brought my colleagues and friends to stay at CP Langsuan. Some shopped to pass out in shopping malls. Yes, they were worried with insufficient time for shopping - 4 whole days in just Siam/World Trade Center only. There I also shopped something which I can't move back to HK. Those were the fun time. Thanks Langsuan and thanks CP.

Mickey Mouse said...

oh Sea u forgot to also thanks ur booking agent at that time, the Fun Fun Tour :-) hehe

Stella said...

Yes we shall always treasure every single moment of life before it becomes history.
I remember I stayed at Center Point Langsuan in one Dec. This is the place we walked out to Central World for dinner and the count down on NY Eve and later blocked because of the bomb.
Thank you TC for the nice arrangement.
I like this hotel.
I like the memory.
I like the bomb too. I did not have too much chance to have close encounter with a bomb area.(It is also part of the memory.)

Thailand Club said...

wow Stella u also like a bomb memory? then u should be here on 19-May, u really missed the fun!!

in the sea said...

Yes, of course the Fun Fun tour and I organised a conference in CP Petchburi. So much memory. At that time, no 911, no Tsunami, no SARS, no political conflict (opps. less, not no).

Har... SS, you need to wear a mask. On those combat bombing and shooting, those black fume would make your throat and nose feel itchy and all dark inside. I tried gun shootings in LA and after that, I needed to clean my nose, and it's like a mine well. :)

Stella said...

Yes I take all kinds of events and experience as precious moment and good memories, as long as the event does not threaten my safety.
Yes I used to do gun shooting in LA when I was single. I like the smell of the gun fire. But I don't like the dirt.

in the sea said...

Har.. you like the smell of the gun fire? It's quite stinging.

TC, the background of the blog setting is very nice. :) BTW, thanks for showing the CP cafe chair and table. Very warm and home coming.

Thailand Club said...

glad that u enjoy the new layout, thanks

Stella said...

Yes SEA, I like the smell of the gun fire and also the fire crackers during CNY.
Yes TC, I like the new layout of your blog too.
Forgot to mention this last night.

Fillet-O Fish said...

TC, I think all of your friends stay at Centre Point before!

Stella said...

Yes Fish Burger,
TC is the ambassador of Center Point in BKK. Just like SEA is the ambassador of MO.