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Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain Tree buffet


Cholesterol combat carnival

Dinner buffets at Rain Tree Cafe of the Plaza Athenee Hotel Bangkok are the talk-of-the-town kind in the city, especially her weekend dinner seafood buffet and Sunday brunch.

The bountiful seafood buffet may be too rich for my cholesterol control; but, who cares!

Just to name a few, in the buffet show-off are freshly baked sourdough and bread, hearty mushroom soup and tumyumgoong, organic greens from the salad bar, fish roe caviar, canapes, Japanese sashimi and sushi, chilled seafood bar consisting of fresh oysters, Canadian lobster, Alaskan king crab legs and river prawns, barbecue station with choices of meat and seafood such as Aussie rib eye steak, rack of lamb, snow fish, Maine lobster tails and foie gras, live station of Thai, Chinese and Italian specialties, cheese varieties, fruits and desserts.

Don't forget your Combizym!

The Rain Tree Cafe ****
Plaza Athenee Hotel Bangkok
(a Royal Meridien Hotel)
10 Wireless Road
Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Tel.: 02.650.8800
Rain Tree

Open daily : 5:30 am - 11:30 pm; Dinner buffet 6 - 10 pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 3,000 (a la carte),
weekend dinner seafood buffet THB 1,680++ per person


Stella said...

Congratulations to your new face lift again of this blog.
Hey, don't forget you have said the first 3 winners who made the most comment till July 1 will get prize from you.
I am sure me and SEA are the winners. (We'd better be.)
So what is the prize?
I want the dim sum buffet in China House with SEA's team being the guest.
SEA wants the Wed choco high tea at MO with my team being the guest.

in the sea said...

Stella, you can be a team leader to have the big wrap-up (大包圍).

TC you told me about this Plaza Athene several times since I stayed there once 3 years ago. From the array you described, it is very worth it.

Stella said...

Yes a big wrap-up and China House and Mo and Flame prawn please.

in the sea said...

No problem as you fly a long way to here and we had better be good to you (on considerable, reasonable, logical and affordable terms). :)

Paranoid Android said...

Wow! Your blog is looking great! Love the look. Am still busy at work, till end of Q3. Take care!

Thailand Club said...

Android good to c u around although u hv no time for ur own blog these days, we all looking forward to seeing ur RETURN. Good day!

Sea, Rain Tree buffet is good, second to Lord Jims and the Terrace of the Peninsula (but if putting price into consideration, then Peninsula can be opted out)

Stella, i don't know who r the winners until July 1; and the prize? maybe it is a bowl of wonton noodle on a side-walk stall (to make the prize very Bangkokian), not decided yet; anyway the prize shall be "on considerable, reasonable, and logical terms" :-)

in the sea said...

Yes, Android, we look forward to more of your postings. Anyway, have a good break from your busy time.

Mmh... more headache... headache.... Too many things to do, but too little time. :)

Stella said...

Thank you for your considerable, reasonable, logical and affordable offersssss.
The food here looks good but price also looks good(high). I still like Lord Jim's better because of the dessertsssss.
If I can go to Lord Jim again this time, then no need to go to this one since I like MO better and I don't know this hotel at all. (Also I don't eat foie gras.)

Fillet-O Fish said...

Plaza Athenee in New York and Paris are both merit hotels in the industrial. They earn more credits than the Mandarin Oriental hotels from Hong Kong.

Thailand Club said...

Stella, no buffet pending for u bor, as u eat too little ..

maybe dimsum buffet at China House (if she opens for lunch, M.O. under "new" management is very weird now) possible if Sea agrees

in the sea said...

Yes, when I checked with them on booking a room, they confused me with too many booking titles (from romantic getaway, business traveller, family treat, weekend relaxation and some I forgot). I tried to book for 3 nights but then they told me for the first 2 nights I can book the business travller but the last night is on standard room only without breakfast. As when I asked them why not to put me for straight 3 nights with breakfast and not to confuse me with this or that, then their reply is our booking for the dates you select are not available for some of the booking conditions. So I was put in the Bermuda triangle. :) Then on my last visit to Lord Jim's, they prepared the table for me for 20 minutes but already asked us to go there at 1:45pm. So at 2:45pm, they hurried to close everything. However, the buffet still impressed my friend a lot. :)

Trying one time for something new is no harm. Good is one meal. Bad is one meal too. :)

in the sea said...

Well, the internet connection at this Pimalai is strange. I lost what I commented. OK, in brief, I agreed with TC about the new management of MO.

Stella, will tell you in details on your trip. TC is correct. Plaza Athenee in Paris is a very high grade hotel and especially their restaurants. So at just THB1,680, it's a bargain deal.

in the sea said...

oops. sorry.. tonight it's very strange here. Maybe it's only 2 persons in the whole villa area. I noticed my comments were gone but now back. Same things happen on my own blog. Gotta sleep now, and wait for the sun rise soon... :)

Stella said...

Har, no buffet this time? It may not be worth for me but don't forget I have another one who can make up my share.
Sharka already mentioned he wants 2 times of "real & nice" buffet just like the Lord Jim level.
("Real and nice" buffet means not the kind of "buffet" he eats at school 2 times a day.) If we have "sashimi buffet" it is good to try too.
OK guys. If no Lord Jim this time then try this one here.
Better brainstorm more "must eat" place with some back up options for me.
Also, please don't forget I still like to eat those $1 pig feet rice and Hainan chicken rice. At least a few meals(or snacks) there.
Oh, don't forget the chicken wing and the Indonesian ChenDo drink at Greyhound too.
Better jot down on your list whenever you see my suggestion and add it up later. That is how I do my "to do" list everyday.
Thank you dear.:)

Mike said...

okay la we let Sea to arrange two buffets for u and sharka, he is very good at buffet, so listen to him, where-ever he sign a green light to go, we go, no naughty Stella

Stella said...

OK, we let Buffet Master Sea to give us some choices later.

in the sea said...

Ok, just read that. buffet master? What a burden. I would put on a "A" shape shoulder then to relay it to the buffet gizmo. OK, his reply is Lord Jim's. :)

I would somehow suggest trying this rain tree. Inter-continental is also pretty good.

Thailand Club said...

agree then eat both, Lord Jims and Espresso of Inter-Continental Sunday brunch