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Tuesday, November 10, 2009



An energizing liquid food

Jok, porridge or congee, is a refreshing choice for breakfast and supper among Bangkokians.

The original 50-year old Jok Samyan off Rama 4 Road, Samyan

Superb congee at Green House Coffee Shop, the Landmark Hotel

Congee sold everywhere around the corner in Bangkok after dark or at dawn, here we see some vendors worth us to check them out.

1. Jok hawker on Rambutri Road, corner of Tani Circle
(outisde Swensens) 8pm - 2am
2. Jok hawker at Soi Patpong, Silom Road
(outside Coffee World) 4am - 10am
3. Jok Samyam, Chula Soi 11, Samyan, Banthat Thong
4. Green House 24-Hour Coffee Shop, the Landmark Hotel


Stella said...

Must be another guessing game. Please don't let us wait too long.

Anonymous said...

the new guessing game was put on September 30 post


in the sea said...

Glad to see an old friend is on the chart - Landmark which is not only good at serving congee but also quite a variety of int'l cuisine.

Thailand Club said...

yes Green House at the Landmark is still on the merit list

Anonymous said...

This Chinese donut looks good and does not look too oily.

in the sea said...

Ok, good that we are not exclusively marketing for MO BKK. Though Landmark's Green House can't be compared nor it's not fair to compare, it's indeed a very good choice for late night supper, maybe the best choice.

Stella said...

Yes, the Green House at Landmark Hotel is very very good for late night supper or late night snack.
I can say the congee, steam rice noodle, Char siu, and other dishes are better than 98% of those similar dishes in LA.
Their customers like the food so much that they eat eat eat till they vomit, exactly like my son.

Yai said...

So Jok Samyan on Chula Soi 11 is the original one, not the one on Phayathai Road right?

Stella said...

Yes you are right Soldier Yai.