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Saturday, November 14, 2009




Another Chinese inspired Thai delis, kuay-tiew-lord or fresh rice spring rolls Thai-Chinese style, consist of bak-thong-ko (Cantonese: you-tiao) and goon-chiang (Thai-Chinese sausage) stuffing in rice roll wrapper. The texture is quite chewy compared to cheung-fun, the Hong Kong version of kuay-tiew-lord.

Where to sample one?

1. An An Lo, Thonglo Soi 15, off Sukhumvit Road
2. Lee Cafe, LG Floor, Urban Kitchen, Erawan Plaza
3. Silom Restaurant, Silom Soi 15, Bangrak
4. Food Court, 6/Floor, MBK Center, Pratumwan


Stella said...

This dish looks like the Char Siu Steamed Rice Noodle(Chong Fun) in Landmark Hotel BKK.

in the sea said...

Lee Cafe? Thought it's not a good one. I forgot where I tried this steamed rice roll but in general this kind of rice roll is a bit more chewy than those in Hong Kong.

Thailand Club said...

yes la the local rice rolls all tend to be so chewy i think due to the flour mix

in the sea said...

I think it's under the influence of Chiu Chow food as those are more chewy and I guess they may mix some 鄧麵 (for shrimp dumpling wrap). There was one time I noticed Lord Jim's served some very nice flat rice noodle.... :)