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Friday, November 20, 2009

Yaowaraj delis


Yaowaraj delis

Yaowaraj is where I less wanna roam at. But for all your taste buds beneficiary, I couldn't escape from another review on Yaowaraj foodie goodies.

(before all the good food from Yaowaraj, why not a glass of home-grow green orange juice?)

... stay tuned! (*since Yaowaraj is where I hesitated to visit, the review won't come too soon!)


in the sea said...

Neither have I recently visited this place much as compared to 8-10 years ago. This place has been of much fun with me and my friends. We used to visit more than 4-5 shops non-stop.

Paranoid Android said...

Ha ha! Yes. Never been there much myself, probably once or twice a year when I was there. Once, my friends and I went to one of those Chinese run Sharks Fin soup place and the service was so awful.

I felt so embarrassed when I brought them there. After that, never again. Just go to Scala.

Richard said...

Scala is not as good as Nam Sing or Fook Shark Fin.

Thailand Club said...

taste is very subjective, to me, Bangkok Shark Fin on Siam Square Soi 1 maybe the best in term of quality and money wise

Scala has four shops in Bangkok (actually different owners, they are 'unfriend' relatives), the one in Siam Square is junk although it claims to be the original one, the other at Siam Paragon Mall is ultra expensive, not worth a visit (u pay for her high rent and sponsor her advertising cost), and the Scala on Yaowaraj is the only decent one in the whole 'Scala family'

about Hock (Fook) Shark-Fins, they hv different recipe then the others, actually it is a Macau recipe, not Thai-Chinese

for Namsing, quality keep dropping in its Bangkok Yaowaraj branch, while its Pattaya branch is doing pretty good


in the sea said...

I also think Scala at Yaowaraj is the best among all the 4. Actually they are more or less the same to me since what they mostly use is the soy sauce, oyster sauce and the chicken stock for the soup base. It really depends on which portion they tend to balance the taste. Hock's soup base is a bit too thick to me, but I can tell they did spend much time and effort in making the soup base. Actually my local Thai friends were puzzled why the HK people like the shark's fins from Bangkok. To the Thai people, the shark's fins are more famous in Hong Kong, especially for those double boiled shark's fin soup.

Anonymous said...

I only know Nam Sing as they have it in HK.