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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Samyan delis


Samyan cravings

You have heard about the five-decade renowned Jok Samyan don't you? Our fact finding confirmed that Bangkok's Samyan district houses more than just a decade-old congee shop; and eventually Samyan has been a foodies paradise for decades. Samyan gourmet map consisting of two areas, one on the Chula side (Sub-Soi Chula) and the other at Saphan Luang. Of course you have no idea what am I saying here (unless you are Bangkokians) therefore I am kind enough to show you the Samyan eat-until-drop guide.

First, where is Samyan? It is roughly referred to the area starts west from the begin of Rama IV Road (Hua-Lam-Phong Railway Station) until it meets Phayathai Road on the East (Samyan intersection). Samyan is an old Thai-Chinese business community in between the C.B.D. and the China Town (Yaowaraj).

Samyan gourmet route on Saphan Luang (Yellow Bridge) side; we ate this, this and this:

1. guay-jub hawker right outside SCB Bank, 566 Rama IV Road

2. dimsun hawker oppsite the guay-jub stall at 566 Rama IV Road
(the cream bun is a must try!)

3. freshly-made curry puff with varies stuffing

4. Tang-Tsu-Heng (530 Rama IV Road) stands here for half a century

5. Swang crab claw noodle, famous for the noodle, infamous for the price

6. Loong-Loon fish balls and yentafo noodle, 1091 Rama IV Road

7. Lan-10 Rad-na Shop, on Chula Soi 5
(in heir of Samyan's Tor Raja Rad-na Yod-Pak recipe)

8. Samyan beef hotpot and noodle, 581 Rama IV Road

*conclude your roadside gourmet journey with home-made coconut ice cream at
Viroon Ice Cream and bought home some goon-chiang (Thai-Chinese sausage)

more reviews on Chula side coming soon ...


Stella said...

You are right TC, I don't get what food you are saying here yet la.

in the sea said...

Mmh... duck noodle. There is one opposite to the Police station on Thonglor which is quite nice and is a regular place my local friend brought me to.

Paranoid Android said...

Yummy Duck Noodles with a tinge of Herbs in the Stock. I am sure Sea would love a pipping hot bowl in the cold weather! Not so attracted to Yen Ta F because of the garish colour of the Sauce! There are many other beautiful eateries at the old pert of the town as well, around Pak Khlong Flower Market.

Thailand Club said...

Android, the color (of yan-ta-fo) didn't look so promising, but the taste did the making-up

this shop cum roadside noodle shop is always packed during the whole evening while other shops and roadside stalls may servicing mickey mouse

i always see politicians and high-rank police officers took my neighbor seats, so this yen-ta-fo with home-made fish balls shop in Saphan Luang, Samyan area is not bad la

in the sea said...

Correct, Android... this morning we got only 11 degree and together with my partial harbour view to the north and what we call in Chinese "eating North West Wind (meaning "having a hard time"). My aunt is always right - choose the side facing the hill side (the south). Don't know where the mini-cold current coming from even all the windows are shut tightly.

I personally don't like that Harajuku red color but I recall from my aunt telling me that ingredient of the red color stuff (used for making the Chinese Red preserved tofu 南乳) (forgot the name) is good for health in some way - something like claming effect. Actually in some nostalgic food of HK fishing village culture, this kind of red stuff was used quite commonly.

Yai said...

The yentafo in this shop use real tofu-ee (fermented bean paste) so it is famous. Now in Thailand many shops sell yentafo use artificial coloring.

in the sea said...

Thanks Yai. Then I have to try it next time as it occurred to me there had been quite many with the artificial coloring...

Thailand Club said...

okay so coming trip we may hv a Samyan roadside dining program?

in the sea said...

Thanks and it's good to go somewhere else, but I may be asked for going to Lord Jim's or Le Normandie. Someone got poisoned quite deeply....

Thailand Club said...

ooooops that's mean someone will shop for a pair of pants and dressing shoes :)

Richard said...

Food in your blog is much much better than food from Taiwan.
But I don't mean food in Taiwan is not good. In fact, they are good but just yours in BKK is much better, especially when I compare the price.
Good is Taiwan is even more expensive than HK(according to Mr. Ho's blog).

in the sea said...

Mmmh.. there are still some other Taiwanese restaurants which are cheaper than in HK. Will make another personal report after Christmas. :)