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Friday, November 13, 2009




Khao-tom, a bowl of cooked rice in running soup (a.k.a. rice soup), is another true delis for the Thais. In Thailand, Khao-tom is commonly served either a-la carte or as a single bowl menu.

The popular choices for a single bowl khao-tom may be khao-tom moo-sap (rice soup with minced pork), khao-tom pla (rice soup with fish), and khao-tom goong-su (rice soup with prawn). For a-la carte, a bowl of plain rice soup can be accompanied by a few side dishes such as braised/stew meat, deep-fried fish, fried Thai sausage, stir-fried vegetables, and yum (spicy Thai salad).

Single bowl khao-tom:-

seafood khao-tom from Khaotom Pla Yaowaraj (Soi Phlap Phla Chai)

rice soup with duck meat from Chan Ee Fa (Plaeng Nam Road, Yaowaraj)

A-la carte khao-tom feast:-

an example of a-la carte khao-tom feast at Niyom Pochana



in the sea said...

Now this blog is rolling out various arrays of specific food from noodle at various styles to rice at various styles. Good and you must have spent much time in sorting all these out.

Thailand Club said...

sourcing them is not a problem, but the hard point is i hv to making sure that those mentioned in my blog r gourmet :)

in the sea said...

and yet the time you spent is much of a factor, considering you sometimes spend some research before the meal and 1 to 2 hour transport time...etc. Agreed that it's very difficult to say they are gourmet and especially some of the shops are not constant with their food/service quality. So one more difficult part is to make some re-re-review after a period of time. :)

Stella said...

Cooking rice in running soup, sounds new to me. I assume this is not the congee as the congee has soup but not "running".