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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yong Herh


Sinfully yummy Taiwanese soy milk

Yong Herh is a Chinese northern provincial delicacy house with Taiwanese accent. Its xiao-long-bao (thin in bun layer but juicy inside) is not only the best in Bangkok but also on highest quality in compare to those in Hong Kong and China.

My favorite orders at Yong Herh are the hand-made noodle a-la-minute with braised beef brisket in hourly-simmered beef soup, and the nam-tao-hu (home-made soy milk).

Think of xiao-long-bao, think of Yong Herh!

Nam-tao-hu Yong Herh 永和豆漿店 ****1/2
68 Naratiwas Road
(near BTS Chongnonsi station)
Chongnonsi, Bangrak 10500
Tel.: 02.635.0003

Open daily 11am - 10pm
Pay (food only for two): around THB 500


Stella said...

Wow, this sounds like a good feast. Look forward to the food show coming to us soon.
Thank you TC for all the good posts here.

in the sea said...

Mmmh.. still don't know why I can't view the photos on mac 10.5.

From the last time I tried the buffet at InterContinental , the food and service were quite of a high standard. Seems like thanksgiving dinner has become quite popular in SE Asia.

Anonymous said...

because Bangkok has many expats American ma!


Stella said...

Yes my friend told me now even HK and Thailand observes Thanksgiving although there are no pilgrams or Indians celebrating the harvest in HK or BKK. Especially all the big hotels in HK or BKK has Thanksgiving feast. May be more than those in LA.(As in LA, Thanksgiving Day is dead quiet since all Western restaurants are closed. Only Garden Cafe or Phoenix type open.)

in the sea said...

Correct, even the restaurant across the street of my apt. building serves Thanksgiving Dinner... :)

Stella said...

I think now HK and BKK are more western than LA in terms of eating and observing festivals. Just like Thanksgiving Day it is more fun to be in HK or BKK since all restaurants are open that day so it is more alive.
I hate to see Thanksgiving and X'Mas in LA as all restaurants are close and it is dead quiet(unless you go to Monterey Park area). That is why I am going to Vegas this X'Mas.