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Monday, November 16, 2009




Khao-phad or Thai fried rice is not oily. It is always fried dry and full of flavor that yield as the best easy food for tourists and locals.

Like the Thai accent khao-kluk-kapi (fried rice in fermented shrimp paste) is unique, while khao-phad kaphrao gai/goong (fried rice in hot basil and chilies with chicken meat/prawn) has a flavor of heat.

basic fried rice available in every corner in Thailand

Also in the limelight shall include the Thai-Chinese style khao-phad nam-liep (fried rice with pickled black olive and minced pork), and khao-phad ka-na pla-khem (fried rice with kale and salted fish); both best served with fresh chilies and lime.

Of course we will not opt out the world class
khao-ob sapparod or baked pineapple fried rice (it is actually fried rice in mild yellow curry with chicken meat, prawn, and pineapple served in a baked pineapple), and khao-phad Amerigan (American fried rice in tomato sauce with ham, chicken wings and fried eggs) of which you only find this delicacy in Thailand but not in the States.

Khao-phad is conveniently available in any restaurant throughout Thailand, from a roadside hawker to hotel's outlet.


Stella said...

All kinds of fried rice are good.

in the sea said...

Wow.. one of my favourite and my most favourite one is the fried rice with Chinese preserved olive by Thung Kruen (at THB50 - very good price)!

Thailand Club said...

yes the black olive fried rice by Thon Krueng is both excellent in taste and price :)

Anonymous said...

I like the salty fish fried rice or the Thai pineapple fried rice.

Stella said...

I don't think any food in the US can be comparable with those in Thailand, HK, or Taiwan in terms of quality, freshness and taste. Particularly those in BKK.

Dick just came back from Taiwan and he said the food in Taiwan is good but when you consider the high price then it is not that good; so overall cannot compete with food in Thailand.

Paranoid Android said...

Ah! A cute little post on the ubiquitous Fried Rice. I cannot stop wondering how they manage to cook up such a simple dish, yet I cannot reproduce it at home or expensive restaurants outside of Thailand. The tomatoes, the onion and garlic, small bits of chicken, the fresh scallion trunk and that wedge of lime. And of course the bird's eye chili and fish sauce. Sigh! I miss Thailand.

in the sea said...

Wow.. Android, I am amazed at your detailed description. You sound like you miss it a lot.

SS, though the portion of Thai fried rice is relatively smaller than other Asian fried rice, it's good to try more varieties.

Stella said...

Yes Android, I miss Thailand too.
TC & SEA, I introduced my new customer/friend(referred by IPod lady Linda) to read your 2 blogs(as she likes to travel and eat and she has a paid chef at home in HK). She took a glance and already amazed about your blogs and told me to thank both of you for such good and detailed food and hotel shows.
However, she will not be able to comment(finally some HK people who is computer illiterate like me-she was from US back to HK). (She still prefers to fax me paperwork rather than scan and email me-she is not a old lady though.)

in the sea said...

That's ok. Half of my friends still don't know how to comments here nor even read the comments section. So the internet still can't take over everything. Air France and KLM are a bit thinking too much, closing all the human relationship booking (i.e. travel agents).

Stella said...

Yes SEA, I am glad that computer and internet cannot replace human being yet, at least not the work I am doing or yours.

Stella said...

More new fried rice today.
Thanks TC.