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Monday, November 09, 2009




Fried (or boiled) chicken on turmeric rice is khao-mok-gai or biryani rice with chicken. This single dish menu is of course well received by the Muslim community in Thailand, with increasing popularity among non-Muslim Thais as well. Khao-mok-gai is halal food.

Where to get a decent share of khao-mok-gai?

1. Petra Restaurant, Sukhumvit Soi 3/1 (Little Arab)
2. Food Court, 5/floor, the Emporium Mall
3. Muslim Restaurant, 135 Charoeankrung Road
4. Khao Mok Kai Bang Kao, Pracha U-thit Road, Thung Kru


in the sea said...

Though I am not into this kind of rice, Petra is quite an interesting place and Nefferti too. Khor Khun Krup!

Thailand Club said...

i really miss the stew lamb in a potato at Nefertiti and her nan bread

in the sea said...

Yes, that's what I have constantly had in mind.. :)